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Kary Antholis founded Crime Story Media, LLC in July 2019, after retiring as President of Miniseries and Cinemax Programming at HBO. For full biography, see Publisher Biography link.


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After Indictment of One Police Officer, CRIME STORY Reprises Paul Butler’s Opening Statement if He Was Prosecuting Breonna Taylor’s Killers

With the news of the indictment of former Louisville detective Brett Hankison for three felony counts of wanton endangerment. We offer this reprise presentation of the opening statement that Crime Story Consulting Editor Paul Butler would give if he was prosecuting the case. While officers Myles Cosgrove and Jonathan Mattingly were not indicted, Butler makes the case for why they too should be facing trial.  On March 13, 2020, three plainclothes Louisville Metro Police Department officers entered Breonna Taylor's apartment. Minutes later, Taylor was dead, shot eight times by the police officers. For the past five months, protesters from around the world have...

Feminism, Humanity and Law Enforcement (Week 58)

Welcome to your weekly opportunity to catch up on another busy week at CrimeStory.com. Read Monday's Amanda Knox interview with Aya Gruber, professor of law at the University of Colorado, on how feminist reliance on the criminal justice system has contributed to mass incarceration, and on strategies for decoupling opposition to gender violence from a reliance on law enforcement. You can also learn more about how Ms. Gruber's work has influenced and been influenced by the Prison Abolition Movement in my interview with Paul Butler in Episode 195 of the Crime Story Podcast. Also from Monday, you can read Michael Romano's report that Stanford Three...

New Durst Podcast: Let’s Talk About the Dismemberment

Links to all of CRIME STORY'S coverage of the Robert Durst trial are here. Episode 10: Let's Talk About the Dismemberment Episode Synopsis Dick DeGuerin continues his opening statement to the jury on behalf of Robert Durst by reprising his assertion from the trial in Texas that Durst killed Morris Black in self-defense and then - in a panic - dismembered Black's body. DeGuerin then tries to counter the prosecution's presentation of Durst's own incriminating interviews with the filmmaker's of The Jinx and with Deputy DA John Lewin by positing that Durst was manipulated into making these ill-advised statements. You can listen now...

Moral Luck, Blame and Punishment (Week 57)

This week we presented two powerful new interviews conducted by Amanda Knox with Christopher Robinson. Sean Smith continued his series on the media coverage of Covid-19 in jails and prisons, and we presented another episode of our Robert Durst podcast.Here is our weekly roundup from CrimeStory.com. On Tuesday, we presented Amanda Knox's interview with Jody Armour, USC law professor and one one of America's foremost scholars on social justice as well as Hip Hop culture and the law. Armour has written extensively on racial profiling, police brutality, and mass incarceration. In his new book, N*gga Theory: Race, Language, Unequal Justice, and the Law he examines...

New Durst Podcast Episode: Bob Doesn’t Make Good Decisions

Links to all of CRIME STORY'S coverage of the Robert Durst trial are here. Episode 9: Bob Doesn't Make Good Decisions Episode Synopsis Dick Deguerin begins the opening statement in the defense of Robert Durst against the charge that he murdered Susan Berman. DeGuerin's opening in many ways telegraphs a reprise of his three-pronged strategy in defense of Durst the charge of murdering Morris Black in Galveston, Texas: 1) make the jury feel empathy for Durst with what he once called a “Poor Little Rich Boy” narrative; 2) blame the Media (in this instance the makers of The Jinx) and an aggressive...

The Sisyphean Struggle for Justice (Week 56)

This was a particularly busy week at Crime Story. But all of the stories we present in our newsletter today feature individuals who, each in their own way, has been engaged in a Sisyphean struggle to find justice through our criminal legal process. We had two more interviews with such individuals by Amanda Knox and Christopher Robinson. We presented another episode of our Robert Durst Trial Podcast. We offered a special two-part interview with path-blazing documentary filmmakers, and Mike Romano gave us another update on two of his clients. But first, in last week's newsletter we neglected to mention Amanda...