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The Many Lives of Robert Durst – Part 6

In October 2000, Bob Durst learned that the authorities had opened a new investigation into the disappearance and possible murder of his wife Kathie. It freaked him out.

The Many Lives of Robert Durst – Parts 4 & 5

Looking back, Bob said, “In the beginning, we shared everything. I was the dominant person in the marriage… I had the money. I was nine years older. I had the education.” He acknowledged, “I was very, very controlling.”

The Many Lives of Robert Durst – Parts 2 & 3

“I don’t get along with people easily,” Robert Durst would say. “Most people don’t get along with me at all, not out-going, shy. That’s my father.”

The Many Lives of Robert Durst – Part 1

Who is Bob Durst? A sometimes charming but misunderstood eccentric who wound up in the wrong place at the wrong time, twice? Or, a well-heeled triple murderer and lifelong liar with a sense of entitlement?

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