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Documentary, “The Slow Hustle,” Premieres at DOC NYC; Executive Produced by Crime Story Media Founder Kary Antholis

The Slow Hustle follows Baltimore Police Officer Sean Suiter's family as they begin a long and painful journey to uncover the truth about his death.

Mike Romano: Malcolm McGee’s Life Without Parole Sentence Overturned, Sets Precedent in 10th Circuit

McGee's release comes after a March 2021 decision by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, which interpreted the federal First Step Act in his favor.

Mike Romano: Derrick Thompson Freed After Three Strikes Conviction Overturned

Over two years ago, Derrick was recommended for early release by prison staff, wardens, and the Secretary of Corrections due to his “exceptionally meritorious” conduct while incarcerated over the past two decades. Last week, he walked free.

Prison Journalism Project: My First Year In Prison

The first year in prison was a learning process to understand what I needed to do to make it through such a long stretch of time.

Series: Nuremberg – Part 7

In Part 7 of our Crime Story Series Nuremberg, we examine the U.K. prosecutors’ tightly-focused presentation of Count Two of the indictment, particularly as it played in contrast to the Americans’ unapologetic power-grab.

Mike Romano: CA Governor Newsom signs into law six criminal law reforms developed by the Three Strikes Project

Late last week, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law six criminal law reforms developed and recommended by the Committee on the Revision of the Penal Code and Three Strikes Project.

CA Innocence Project: Reggie Cole Freed From “15-Year Nightmare of Unjust Captivity”

In 2009, the California Innocence Project filed a petition for writ of habeas corpus on Reggie Cole’s behalf, alleging a range of grievous errors in Cole's prosecution.

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