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4 District Attorney Races With Reform On The Ballot Law360

The Past, Present, and Future of the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office Lexis-Olivier Ray and Lex Roman, The Appeal

How the Klan and the Hillside Strangler play in to the strange history of LA County district attorneys Robert Greene, Los Angeles Times

California wants criminal justice reform, but keeps electing conservative prosecutors Robert Greene, Los Angeles Times

California voters: Don’t be fooled by law enforcement and the bail industry in 2020 Jay Jordan and Sam Lewis, Sacramento Bee

Celebrities Spent Millions So Florida Felons Could Vote. Will It Make a Difference? Lawrence Mower and Langston Taylor, ProPublica

Thousands Of Texans Can’t Vote Because They’re On Parole Or Probation Sara Willa Ernst, Houston Public Media

Let the Incarcerated Vote Clint Smith, The Atlantic

Is Mass Incarceration Driving Racial Disparities in the Pandemic? Rod McCullom, Undark

Dozens of inmates test positive for virus at San Diego federal jail, defense attorneys say Alex Riggins, Los Angeles Times

Reported coronavirus cases nearly triple overnight at NJ federal prison as outbreak continues Joe Atmonavage, NJ Advance Media

Prisoners try again for home confinement Sarah Betancourt, Commonwealth Magazine

Compassionate Release During COVID-19 Adam Gurri, Liberal Currents

Should Prisoners Have to Pay For Medical Care During a Pandemic? Michelle Pitcher, The Marshall Project

Ex-Inmates Struggle in a Banking System Not Made for Them David Benoit, Wall Street Journal

Special Report: He waited 512 days behind bars for his day in court. It never came Linda So and Grant Smith, Reuters

AM Stories

Police Reform Is on the Ballot Farah Stockman, New York Times

Policing Reform, Civilian Oversight And More: After Months Of Protest, Voters Decide Cheryl Corley, NPR

Unrest in Philadelphia after police kill a Black man roils the presidential campaign Sean Sullivan, Washington Post

Philadelphia Officials Promise Police Reforms After Walter Wallace Jr.’s Fatal Shooting Scott Calvert, Wall Street Journal

Philadelphia City Council passes bill banning use of tear gas, rubber bullets and pepper spray during protests Amir Vera and Ganesh Setty, CNN

Ahmaud Arbery’s case shook up a DA race in deep-red Georgia – and put accountability on the ballot Bert Roughton and Hannah Knowles, Washington Post

US to Lift Ban on Police Use of Body Cameras Alongside Federal Agents Sadie Gurman, Wall Street Journal

Justice Dept. Is Said to Quietly Quash Inquiry Into Tamir Rice Killing Charlie Savage and Katie Benner, New York Times

LAPD gets approval to begin recording, storing aerial footage of protests Kevin Rector, Los Angeles Times

Despite Black Lives Matter Protests, NOPD Receives One of the Smallest Budget Cuts in 2021 Helen Lewis, Big Easy Magazine

Federal Prosecutors Engaged in Unprecedented Push to Jail Protesters Before Trial Aaron Miguel Cantú, The Intercept

80 criminal justice leaders from around US sign on to lawsuit challenging federal tactics in Portland protests Maxine Bernstein, The Oregonian

For a Glimpse of the Racial Justice Protests’ Staying Power, Look to Detroit Chris Gelardi, The Appeal

Blood Relatives Andy Mannix, Minneapolis Star-Tribune

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