PM Stories

California passes a swath of police reform laws Jacob Kutson, Axios

Endorsement: No on Proposition 20. Don’t let police unions roll back justice reforms Editorial Board, Los Angeles Times

Why Finding a Police Chief Just Got a Lot More Complicated Levi Pulkkinen, US News & World Report

Federal Judge Halts Trump’s Cop-Filled Law Enforcement Task Force Ryan J. Reilly, HuffPost

Some Police Chiefs Rush Out Video of Shootings to Tamp Down Unrest Joe Barrett, Wall Street Journal

When Police Violence Is a Dog Bite Abbie VanSickle, Challen Stephens, Ryan Martin, Dana Brozost-Kelleher, and Andrew Fan, The Marshall Project

Judge says she is ‘concerned’ detective may have lied to get Breonna Taylor search warrant Andrew Wolfson, Darcy Costello, and Tessa Duvall, Louisville Courier Journal

Breonna Taylor Travesty Must Renew Focus on the Racist Drug War Natalie Papillion, Filter Magazine

Black women are leading the movement to end police violence Keisha N. Blain, Washington Post

Defunding the Police Is a Reparations Issue Dreisen Heath, The Nation

Reconstructing Justice: Race, Generational Divides, and the Fight Over “Defund the Police” Michael Javen Fortner, Niskanen Center

Can Social Workers Replace Cops? One Experiment, From All Angles Mark Obbie, The Crime Report

Aching for Abolition Camonghne Felix, New York Magazine

How Garrett Bradley’s Films Reset Our Personal Algorithms Rebecca Bengal, Wall Street Journal

AM Stories

How Mass Incarceration Was Built in the United States – And How We Can Undo It Doug Henwood, Jacobin Magazine

In 2020 Election, Florida Felon Voting Limits Could Sway State Outcome Coulter Jones and Jon Kamp, Wall Street Journal

Felony conviction? Here are Florida’s rules for registering to vote Langston Taylor, Tampa Bay Times

Endorsement: George Gascón for LA County district attorney Editorial Board, Los Angeles Times

Here are the mega-donors and police unions pouring millions into the LA County district attorney race Maloy Moore, Ryan Menezes, and James Queally, Los Angeles Times

California voters to review criminal justice, bail reforms Don Thompson, SF Gate

Justice System Must ‘Reduce Density’ in Pandemic, Panel Says Ted Gest, The Crime Report

Two New Infections Appear at San Quentin and Two More Inmates Die Of COVID-19 Jay Barmann, SFist

‘You are sentenced to COVID-19’: Arizona inmates claim prisons, state not doing enough to protect them Lauren Castle, Arizona Republic

Florida prisons, among nation’s deadliest, didn’t like ‘demanding’ watchdog. He’s gone. Samantha J. Gross, Miami Herald

Vermont Prosecutor Becomes Second in Nation to Stop Seeking Cash Bail Filter Magazine

Houston man at center of landmark death row case released from prison Julian Gill, Houston Chronicle

New magazine seeks to shift narratives on incarceration Samantha Matsumoto, Oregon Public Broadcasting

The Pretender John Rosengren, Atavist Magazine

History Catches Up With Tana French Laura Miller, Slate

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