PM Stories

When the Rule of Law Turns into Rule by Law Ankush Khardori, New York Review of Books

It wasn’t just the Proud Boys: Trump refused to dissuade supporters from a violent response to the election Philip Bump, Washington Post

Unredacted FBI Document Sheds New Light on White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement Alice Speri, The Intercept

A Pro-Trump Militant Group Has Recruited Thousands of Police, Soldiers, and Veterans Mike Giglio, The Atlantic

Questions mount as release of grand jury recordings in Breonna Taylor case delayed Karma Allen, ABC News

In the Breonna Taylor Case, a Battle of Blame Over the Grand Jury Shaila Dewan, Will Wright, and John Eligon, New York Times

Police departments seeing modest cuts, but not ‘defunding’ Geoff Mulvihill, AP News

COVID-19 Curbs Community Policing at a Time of Diminishing Trust David Montgomery, Stateline

Want to improve police oversight? Settle in for the long haul Grits for Breakfast

Newsom Signs Ban on Police Chokehold, State Mandate to Investigate Killings by Police Nick Cahill, Courthouse News

Police in LA and across California disproportionately cite Black people for minor infractions, study finds Kevin Rector, Los Angeles Times

Baltimore officers refuse to take corruption survey. Looks like things haven’t changed much since ‘rat cop.’ Dan Rodricks, Baltimore Sun

Scars, Tattoos, And License Plates: This Is What Palantir And The LAPD Know About You Caroline Haskins, BuzzFeed News

Oregon police unions want to push regulations back on lawmakers Dirk VanderHart, Oregon Public Broadcasting

The Truth About Today’s Anarchists Farah Stockman, New York Times

AM Stories

How COVID-19 is shedding light on disparities in the criminal justice system Carolyn Clifford, WXYZ

Detention of Native and Latinx Youth Increased During COVID-19 Andrea Cipriano, The Crime Report

Virginia lawmakers warn of ‘deteriorating’ conditions in two federal prisons as COVID-19 spreads Ariana Figueroa, Virginia Mercury

Snake River prison sees COVID cases nearly double in a month, with about 400 cases Aidan McGloin, Oregon Live

Federal court orders Texas prison system to provide hand sanitizer for some geriatric inmates during pandemic Jolie McCullough, Texas Tribune

Battle over voting rights of felons intensifies in Florida Julia Manchester, The Hill

Citizens shouldn’t need Bloomberg’s help to exercise their rights Amy Fettig, CNN

How to Ensure Justice Involvement Isn’t a Barrier to Voting Vincent Schiraldi, The Crime Report

Colorado parolees are now allowed to vote. And advocates are rushing to register them. Evan Ochsner, Colorado Sun

Detainees at California’s for-profit ICE detention centers will soon be able to sue over abuse, harm Andrea Castillo, Los Angeles Times

After Discovery Of Prosecutors’ Racist Emails, Plymouth DA Will Not Seek New Trial For Woman Over Parents Death (Massachusetts) Deborah Becker, WBUR

Why liberal arts education for prison inmates is a sound investment Brent Orrell, USA Today

‘American Murder: The Family Next Door’ Review: Tragedy Reconstructed Bilal Qureshi, New York Times

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