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Who Was Susan Berman? (Week 92) Nuremberg: The Strange Amnesia of Rudolf Hess (Week 91) New Trailer for Durst Trial Podcast (Week 90) The Screenwriter Who Fooled Me About Durshowitz (Week 89) Robert Durst: My Lawyers Experienced “Temporary Insanity or Collective Dementia” (Week 88) Original Shock: The Nazi Concentration Camps Film (Week 87) The Law & Order Franchise Runner (Week 86) Reform on Bail and Mental Illness (Week 85) Robert Durst Speaks Again (Week 84) Remembering A Moment in War Crimes Prosecution (Week 83) Showrunners of “The Wire” Team with Crime Story for Baltimore Police Corruption Series  (Week 82) Prosecutor Misrepresents Gascón’s Remarks to Crime Story (Week 81) Hermann Goering’s Journey...

COVID-19 in Prison: Week by Week – Compilation

CRIME STORY’S Sean Smith offers a weekly analysis of the news stories aggregated in CRIME STORY DAILY related to COVID-19 and our carceral system. By reconsidering early reporting on the crisis in the light of subsequent developments, CRIME STORY hopes to point out trends in the narrative of COVID-19 and the prisons. Episode 157: COVID-19 in Prison: Week by Week — Part 1 Episode 163: COVID-19 in Prison: Week by Week — Part 2 Episode 167: COVID-19 in Prison: Week by Week — Part 3 Episode 171: COVID-19 in Prison: Week by Week — Part 4 Episode 176: COVID-19 in Prison: Week by Week...

Series: Nuremberg — All Crime Story Installments

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the International Military Tribunal, Crime Story presents a new series, NUREMBERG. Sean Smith examines the many dimensions of the historic judicial proceedings. Drawing on official transcripts of the trial, as well as a vast bibliography of first- and second-hand accounts, NUREMBERG tells the stories behind the legal, political and personal struggles which complicated this revolutionary exercise in international jurisprudence.  Episode 249: Series: Nuremberg — Part 1 Part 1 sets the stage and the stakes for the story of the Nuremberg Military Tribunal. Episode 268: Series: Nuremberg — Part 2 In Part 2 of our new Crime Story...