Today we present our coverage of the death of Robert Durst and we begin our presentation of parts of our exclusive interviews with two of the trial’s jurors.

This is Season 2 Bonus Episode 15: Robert Durst Dies and Season 2 Bonus Episode 27: Juror Interviews — Part 12

On Monday, January 10th, 2022, the infamous life of Robert Durst, eccentric scion of one of the most influential real estate dynasties in New York, drew to a close in a California hospital near Stockton. Unsurprisingly, his death came with one final twist: his case may be dismissed, and his crimes vacated, all because he died before his appeal could be resolved. In this Breaking News Bonus Episode, host Kary Antholis speaks with John Lewin, who prosecuted Durst, and Charles Bagli, who broke the news that Durst had passed and reported on the trial for Jury Duty. Together, they examine what this development may mean for Durst’s conviction in California and those left behind pursuing civil actions related to his crimes.

Later in this installment, we present a portion of Kary’s interviews with Durst jurors Carmen Kletecka and John Okanishi.

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