The killing of Jeff German Jon Allsop, Columbia Journalism Review

Reporter Jeff German confronted the power players of Sin City. It may have gotten him killed. Trevor Hughes, USA Today

A Slain Reporter, a City of Sin and a Politician Charged With Murder Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs and Mike Baker, New York Times

Although the killing of journalists is rare in the US, threats of doing so are not Michel Martin, NPR

A Trump Supporter Has Been Charged For Threatening The FBI Over The Mar-A-Lago Search David Mack, BuzzFeed

FBI Facing ‘Unprecedented’ MAGA Threats: ‘Time to Hunt Fed Bois’ Roger Sollenberger and Zachary Petrizzo, Daily Beast

Do Trump’s attacks on the Justice Department cross the line into illegal incitement? Josh Meyer, USA Today  

A Ruling Untethered to the Law Andrew Weissmann, The Atlantic

Trump judges are on a tear Josh Gerstein and Kyle Cheney, Politico

The Rise of Right-Wing Hacks in Federal Courts Jason LInkins, New Republic

We now have two federal judiciaries Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post

The Solution to the Trump Judge Problem Nobody Wants to Talk About Dahlia Lithwick and Mark Joseph Stern, Slate

Judges should be allowed to keep dying inmates in prison, prosecutors tell NJ Supreme Court Karen Yi, Gothamist

State Prisons Are Routinely Violating New York’s Landmark Solitary Confinement Law Chris Gelardi and Emily Brown, NYS Focus

Serving a 241-year sentence, Bobby Bostic found power in poetry Danny Wicentowski, St. Louis Public Radio

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