After Parkland, One Question Remains: What Is Justice? Audra D. S. Burch, New York Times

How Gun Inc. Made a New Sort of Shooter Ryan Busse, The Atlantic

Gunmaker’s Super Bowl stunt sheds light on marketing of ‘America’s rifle’ Shawn Boburg and Jon Swaine, Washington Post

American gun violence has immense costs beyond the death toll, new studies find Eric Westervelt, NPR

Police Chief Kristen Ziman Is on a Mission to Prevent Mass Shootings Emily Bobrow, Wall Street Journal

The Uvalde paradox: So many police, so little protection Christy E. Lopez, Washington Post

Editorial: If you’re keeping score at home, good guys with guns are still far behind Las Vegas Sun

The Cops Now Want to Ban You From Filming Them in Public Sidney Fussell, New Republic

Editorial: Bad cops deserve to be exposed. Police must stop dodging information requests. USA Today

A Houston Drug Cop’s Lies Sent This Man to Prison for 25 Years Jacob Sullum, Reason

Two More Men Convicted Of Murder Have Been Exonerated After 23 Years In Prison Due To Allegations Of Police Misconduct Melissa Segura, BuzzFeed News

Rikers Island Guards Charged With Misconduct in Teen’s Suicide Attempt Jan Ransom, New York Times

Dashawn Carter Missed Nearly 100 Clinic Appointments at Rikers Before Dying, Records Show Reuven Blau and Rosa Goldensohn, The City

Teens in a Louisiana juvenile facility are being sent to Angola prison. Experts say it’s not only cruel, it could violate the law. Erin Einhorn, NBC News

Michigan Proposes Juvenile Justice Reforms After Story of Teen Locked Up for Missing Homework Exposed Gaps in System Jodi S. Cohen, ProPublica

Two recent state Supreme Court decisions could alter NC’s juvenile justice landscape Kelan Lyons, NC Policy Watch

Sixth Teenager Charged in Central Park Jogger Case Is Exonerated Jonah E. Bromwich, New York Times

Guantanamo “forever prisoner” Khalid Ahmed Qasim cleared for release after 20 years, hopes for “another life” with his art Khaled Wassef, CBS News

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