In a first, firearms were leading cause of death for US children and teens in 2020 Aria Bendix, NBC News

As shootings mount, anger that it’s ‘happening over and over’ Mark Berman, Joanna Slater, Griff Witte, and Andrew Ba Tran, Washington Post

Democrats look to find unified voice on crime Julia Manchester, The Hill

America’s crime panic: why we can’t afford to repeat mistakes of the 90s Abené Clayton, The Guardian

Tough-on-crime rhetoric of the ‘90s is back. Police reform must be a part of it. Isaac Bailey, The State

Police Can Make a Crisis Worse. The Public Needs Alternatives in an Emergency. William D. Lopez and Lisa R. Jackson, Truthout

A Push for Traffic Stop Reform The Daily (New York Times)

Crime Stoppers of Houston Has a Tip: Vote Out These Judges David Fahrenthold and Keri Blakinger, The Marshall Project

How a Race-Based Medical Formula Is Keeping Some Black Men in Prison Joseph Goldstein, New York Times

To successfully use Pennsylvania’s ‘compassionate release’ law, he had to choose to die Danielle Ohl, Spotlight PA

Bite marks, hair at crime scenes: Debunked forensic methods are used to convict suspects KCRW

Whistling Past the Graveyard: Why It’s So Hard to Rid the Courts of Junk Science Jordan Smith, The Intercept

Fire Scientists Testify in Support of Claude Garrett’s Bid for Freedom Liliana Segura, The Intercept

A Mayor Dispenses Pardons as Alabama Holds Fast to Marijuana Laws Eduardo Medina, New York Times

Drugs, Planes, Bail: The Wild Story of George Jones’s Lost Recordings James K. Williamson and Penn Bullock, New York Times

The One American Serial Killer Whose Star Won’t Stop Rising Nitish Pahwa, Slate

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