PM Stories

Global Prison Population Up 25 Percent Since 2000 Blake Diaz, The Crime Report

Biden Said He’d Cut Incarceration in Half. So Far, the Federal Prison Population Is Growing. Samantha Michaels, Mother Jones

Biden administration criticized over report that it is not extending home confinement for prisoners Alex Gangitano, The Hill

Captives Behind Plexiglass: How COVID Destroyed Prison Visits Maria DiLorenzo, The Crime Report

The Pandemic Rush on Prison Weddings Zara Stone, New York Times

Building exits off the highway to mass incarceration: Diversion programs explained Leah Wang and Katie Rose Quandt, Prison Policy Initiative

NYC Rikers Closure Called Model for Shrinking Jail Populations Eva Herscowitz, The Crime Report

Many in Jail Can Vote, but Exercising That Right Isn’t Easy Matt Vasilogambros, PEW Stateline

Racial discrimination still exists in jury selection. Colorado’s Supreme Court rejected a proposal meant to fix that. Thy Vo, Colorado Sun

Harvey Weinstein extradited to California for new trial on sex-crime charges, booked into LA jail Maria Puente, USA Today

Will You Ever Change? Amelia Schonbek, New York Magazine

Is It Possible to Fix True Crime? Emily Alford, Jezebel

AM Stories

The ‘crime surge’ is both overhyped and underappreciated Anthony L. Fisher, Business Insider

Yes, violent crime is up – but don’t expect the spike to last Haven Orecchio-Egresitz, Insider

What’s Really Happening With Crime Rates in DC Right Now? Maya Pottiger, Washingtonian

As Crime Rises In Denver, One Historically Black Neighborhood Considers What It Wants From Police Allison Sherry, Colorado Public Radio

Fear, and Discord, Among Asian Americans Over Attacks in San Francisco Thomas Fuller, New York Times

Does a Crackdown on Right-Wing Domestic Terror Threaten Everyone’s Civil Liberties? Andrea Cipriano, The Crime Report

“You Can Reduce Violence But Harm People”: A Conversation with Caterina Roman Greg Berman, Guggenheim Foundation

Dozens who say they were framed by corrupt Chicago drug squad demand exoneration Jon Schuppe, NBC News

Why are innocent people still losing cash, cars and even homes to police? Editorial Board, USA Today

Maine Becomes 4th State To Repeal Civil Asset Forfeiture CJ Ciaramella, Reason

Illinois Becomes the First State to Block Cops From Lying to Kids Noah Lanard, Mother Jones

Tackling ‘The Thin Blue Lie’ Anna Wilder, The Crime Report

Who Wants to Be a Cop? Tampa Bay Times

Current, former police officers charged in new Proud Boys indictment in Capitol Riot Spencer S. Hsu, Washington Post

Ex-Cop Charged in Riot Joined Proud Boys While on Force Kelly Weill, Daily Beast

Four takeaways from the first sentencing of a Jan. 6 insurrectionist Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post

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