PM Stories

Prisoners, Doctors, and the Battle Over Trans Medical Care Aviva Stahl, Wired

Most inmates have had their COVID shots – but their guards likely haven’t Amy Worden, Salon

Compassionate Release and the Pandemic: A Policy Failure? Emiley Riley, The Crime Report

‘Not everyone has to come to jail’: COVID-19 changes could lead to sweeping transformation Emily Hamer, Wisconsin State Journal

Federal Judges Handed Down Smaller Sentences Due to Brutal NYC Prison Conditions: Analysis Natalie Colarossi, Newsweek

The Uncomfortable Truth About Wrongful Convictions James M. Doyle, The Crime Report

The Prosecutor Exodus Thomas Hogan, City Journal

‘I couldn’t think about this case without thinking of my son’ Holly Bailey, Washington Post

Some Prosecutors Are Daring To Challenge the ‘Tough on Crime’ Status Quo Steven Greenhut, Reason

New Wave Of Prosecutors Push For Resentencing Laws Sarah Martinson, Law360

DA Larry Krasner aims to keep teen offenders out of criminal justice system with new restorative program Mensah M. Dean, Philadelphia Inquirer

How a Story About Philadelphia Became One About All of America Sam Adams, Slate

Genetic Genealogist Co-Hosts New True-Crime Podcast ‘Solvable’ Andrea Marks, Rolling Stone

AM Stories

The Rise of Anti-history David A. Graham, The Atlantic

We Already Know Who Killed Ashli Babbitt Matt Ford, New Republic

‘So, So Angry’: Reporters Who Survived the Capitol Riot Are Still Struggling Cameron Joseph, Vice

Investigation calls for firing 2 Seattle police officers over insurrection David Kroman, Crosscut

Little transparency in Mississippi about excessive use of force by police, overall crime Keisha Rowe, Mississippi Clarion Ledger

The Public Won’t Be Learning More About Eric Adams’s Record As a Cop Nia Prater, New York Magazine

Police reform activists call out budget increase Anna Lucente Sterling, Spectrum News

Philly’s New Budget Makes It Clear City Hall Will Never Defund the Police Ernest Owens, Philadelphia Magazine

He Died After He Was Shot in the Back by a Cop. Will Anyone Be Held Accountable? Billy Binion, Reason

Philly’s gun-violence crisis has surpassed a bleak milestone with 10,000 shot since 2015 Chris Palmer, Dylan Purcell, and Anna Orso, Philadelphia Inquirer

‘Fear on top of fear’: Why anti-gun Americans joined the wave of new gun owners Marc Fisher, Miranda Green, Kelly Glass, and Andrea Eger, Washington Post

Why GOP-Led States Are Banning the Police From Enforcing Federal Gun Laws Glenn Thrush and Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs, New York Times

Biden to pitch crime plan to local leaders amid wave of gun violence Shannon Pettypiece and Geoff Bennett, NBC News

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