PM Stories

Federal prisons on lockdown in run-up to Biden inauguration Michael R. Sisak and Michael Balsamo, AP News

Zoom funerals, outdoor classes: Jails are evolving amid COVID, but what happens afterward? Keri Blakinger, NBC News

State Prison COVID-19 Wave Grows as Inmates Wait for Vaccines Rosa Goldensohn, The City

Judge asks for release of nearly 2,000 inmates to avoid ‘killing field’ at Harris County Jail Gabrielle Banks, Houston Chronicle

Families Of Prisoners Hospitalized With COVID Often Cannot Get Critical Details Deborah Becker, WBUR

NJ Senators Concerned Over Racial Disparities In Federal Prison Home Releases Karen Yi, WNYC

Prisons Are Releasing People Without COVID-19 Tests Or Quarantines Nicole Lewis and Beth Schwartzapfel, The Marshall Project

Mississippians saddled with $507 million in criminal justice debts, preventing future opportunity Anna Wolfe, Mississippi Today

Bail Reform and Racial Justice The Crime Report

Bill giving those with felonies the right to vote is introduced in Washington Legislature Maya Leshikar, Seattle Times

More police accountability, criminal justice reform bills to come in Colorado legislative session Elise Schmelzer, Denver Post

Criminal justice reform: Too fast? Ask communities of color if it feels ‘rushed.’ Kimberly A. Lightford, Chicago Tribune

“Building in the Dark”: A Conversation About Documenting Incarceration Between ‘Time’ and ’40 Years a Prisoner’ Directors Mia Galuppo, Hollywood Reporter

True-Crime Podcast Puts Spotlight on Irish Coach Accused of Abuse Ed O’Loughlin, New York Times

‘Night Stalker’ Is Just Another Gory True-Crime Misfire Daniel D’Addario, Variety

AM Stories

The Long Prologue to the Capitol Hill Riot Benjamin Wallace-Wells, The New Yorker

‘Be Ready to Fight’ Mark Danner, New York Review of Books

Treat the Attack on the Capitol as Terrorism Michel Paradis, The Atlantic

DOJ Is Considering Charging Capitol Rioters With Seditious Conspiracy, Felony Murder Alice Speri, The Intercept

The Radicalization of Kevin Greeson Connor Sheets, ProPublica

‘The Internet Is a Crime Scene’ Zack Stanton, Politico Magazine

What Parler Saw During the Attack on the Capitol Lena V. Groeger, Jeff Kao, Al Shaw, Moiz Syed, and Maya Eliahou, ProPublica

On social media, amateur digital sleuths try to help track violent Capitol rioters Sarah Parvini and Melissa Gomez, Los Angeles Times

Off-duty police were part of the Capitol mob. Now police are turning in their own. Kimberly Kindy, Kim Bellware, and Mark Berman, Washington Post

Sheriffs Helped Lead This Insurrection Jessica Pishko, Slate

US Capitol riot: police have long history of aiding neo-Nazis and extremists Sam Levin, The Guardian

The Capitol riot is a reminder of the links between police and white supremacy Anna North, Vox

The Insurrection at the Capitol Has Renewed Democrats’ Calls for Police Reform Kara Voght, Mother Jones

When the FBI Spied on MLK Hannah Giorgis, The Atlantic

A Black Lives Matter Founder on Building Modern Movements Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, The New Yorker

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