Mississippi Prison Killings: Five Factors Behind the Deadly Violence Joseph Neff and Alysia Santo, The Marshall Project

After Deadly Week for Mississippi Prisoners, Advocates See Blood ‘on the Hands’ of Lawmakers and Prison Officials Lauren Gill, The Appeal

White Prosecutor, Doug Evans, Asks to Recuse Himself From Curtis Flowers Case Mihir Zaveri, New York Times

Building a criminal case against Harvey Weinstein in LA was two years in the making Richard Winton, Los Angeles Times

Trump Wants Law and Order Front and Center Thomas B. Edsall, New York Times

California’s Jails Are in a Deadly Crisis. Here’s How Experts Suggest Fixing Them. Jason Pohl and Ryan Gabrielson, ProPublica/Sacramento Bee

Officers falsely portrayed people as gang members, falsified records, LAPD says Richard Winton and Mark Puente, Los Angeles Times

Jail Inmates Worked for a $16 Billion Company Without Pay. Now They Want Their Wages. Madison Pauly, Mother Jones

A brutal triple murder, an eager informant, hidden evidence, and now, exoneration Samantha Melamed, Philadelphia Inquirer

A Record Man’s Crusade Alex Morris, Rolling Stone

Why the Attorney General’s Concern About Crime Victims and Their Families Rings Hollow Ben Miller and Daniel S. Harawa, The Appeal

‘Your Body Being Used’: Where Prisoners Who Can’t Vote Fill Voting Districts Hansi Lo Wang and Kumari Devarajan, NPR

How true crime shifted its lens from the bad guys to the bad justice system Ashlie D. Stevens, Salon

Odd Job: The couple who bounty hunts together, stays together Luke Winkie, Vox

What’s Fact and What’s Fiction in Just Mercy Matthew Dessem, Slate

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