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Series: Nuremberg – Part 7

In Part 7 of our Crime Story Series Nuremberg, we examine the U.K. prosecutors’ tightly-focused presentation of Count Two of the indictment, particularly as it played in contrast to the Americans’ unapologetic power-grab.

Mike Romano: CA Governor Newsom signs six criminal law reforms developed by the Three Strikes Project into law

Late last week, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law six criminal law reforms developed and recommended by the Committee on the Revision of the Penal Code and Three Strikes Project.

CA Innocence Project: Reggie Cole Freed From “15-Year Nightmare of Unjust Captivity”

In 2009, the California Innocence Project filed a petition for writ of habeas corpus on Reggie Cole’s behalf, alleging a range of grievous errors in Cole's prosecution.

Prison Journalism Project: Living with COVID-19 Inside Soledad State Prison

As safety measures were ignored, inmates contracted the virus. CDCR said a website lists the current numbers of active cases and deaths, but beyond that not a lot of information has been made available to us.

CA Innocence Project: Ineffective Assistance of Counsel May Have Led to Raymundo Chagolla Spending 20+ Years Behind Bars

Based only on questionable eyewitness identification and unrecorded hearsay, Raymundo Chagolla was charged and convicted of a murder in 2000 he's maintained he did not commit.

Prison Journalism Project: Intro to Prison: A Roadmap

Prison is a society outside of society. There are criminals and convicts. Criminals are those who hold onto their criminal behavior and have no intentions of changing. Convicts are those who happen to be convicted of a crime.

CA Innocence Project: Kim Long Exonerated of Murder After 7 Years Served

CRIME STORY has received permission to feature profiles of exonerees represented by the California Innocence Project (CIP). The CIP reviews more than 2,000...

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