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Prison Journalism Project: From Abuser to Advocate

Floyd Collins was 23 years old when he was sentenced to life in prison for murder. Now at 47, the San Francisco native has become a staunch advocate for victims of domestic violence.

CA Innocence Project: Roeling Adams Freed From Prison After Serving 28 Years

Despite having an alibi, Roeling spent 28 years in prison because of eyewitness misidentification, circumstances of gang loyalty, and a dubious star witness. Now, he's free.

Mike Romano: Richard Jackson Released Under Proposition 36 Guidance

In 1995, Richard was convicted of possessing a stolen motorcycle and sentenced to life under the Three Strikes law. After 26 years in prison, and over 5 years of litigation, he was finally re-sentenced and released.

Mike Romano: Mario Zermeno Released After 25 Years In Prison For Theft Of A Car Stereo

After eight years of litigation to win his freedom in Los Angeles Superior Court, prosecutors finally agreed that Mario was entitled to relief because he was no longer a threat to public safety.

Series: Nuremberg – Part 6

Robert Jackson was able to maneuver the IMT to charge individual Nazi leaders not as legitimate government officials but as conspiring gangsters.

Mike Romano: Arnold Dunham Three Strikes Conviction Overturned

Arnold Dunham walked out of Folsom State Prison late last week, a free man after his life sentence was overturned by a Superior Court in Los Angeles

A ‘Second Look’ Recalls a Life Sentence and Frees Dennis Bryley

After years behind bars, Dennis Bryley walked free from the prison gates in Corcoran. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge said Dennis was a poster child for California’s “second-look” sentencing law.

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