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Mike Romano: Governor Newsom Grants Clemency to Two Clients Serving Life Sentences

Following over twenty years behind bars, Robert Escareno and Rodney Henderson have been granted clemency by Governor Gavin Newsom following good behavior and their dedication to rehabilitation.

Mike Romano: Darrell Ellis Freed from 200-Years-To-Life Sentence & the Los Angeles Times Covers Policy Successes

After almost two decades behind bars, Darrell Ellis has made good on his promise to address his addiction and work on improving himself. As a result, he has been freed from his 200-years-to-life sentence. And a profile by the Los Angeles Times sheds new light on our policy reform work.

Mike Romano: 18 Clients Freed, 7 New Laws, and Much More to Come in 2022!

As we all struggled through another terrible year under the pandemic, 2021 was a remarkable time at the Three Strikes Project—thanks to yet another amazing group of students and our terrific staff, who outdid themselves again. Here are some highlights from the past year.

Mike Romano: Tommy Dye Freed from His 167 Years-to-Life Sentence

Dye's release comes following a challenge to the state of California's decision to disqualify Three Strikers from the benefits of early parole for individuals convicted of nonviolent crimes.

Documentary, “The Slow Hustle,” Premieres at DOC NYC; Executive Produced by Crime Story Media Founder Kary Antholis

The Slow Hustle follows Baltimore Police Officer Sean Suiter's family as they begin a long and painful journey to uncover the truth about his death.

Mike Romano: Malcolm McGee’s Life Without Parole Sentence Overturned, Sets Precedent in 10th Circuit

McGee's release comes after a March 2021 decision by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, which interpreted the federal First Step Act in his favor.

Mike Romano: Derrick Thompson Freed After Three Strikes Conviction Overturned

Over two years ago, Derrick was recommended for early release by prison staff, wardens, and the Secretary of Corrections due to his “exceptionally meritorious” conduct while incarcerated over the past two decades. Last week, he walked free.

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