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Season Premiere of Durst Podcast as the Trial Re-Starts

Links to all of CRIME STORY'S coverage of the Robert Durst trial are here. Season 2 Episode 1: Susan Berman — Easy Street Episode Synopsis With the...

Bonus Episode: Durst’s Lawyers Now Suggest He Suffers Dementia

Robert Durst and his attorneys traded assertions that the other was experiencing "dementia" in various statements to Judge Mark Windham. In a series of...

Episode Two of Durst Trial Podcast: Susan Berman — Big Personality

Susan establishes her career as a writer and confronts the emotional and psychological troubles of her youth, while forging a lifelong relationship with Robert Durst.

Episode Three of Durst Trial Podcast: Re-Openings

Links to all of CRIME STORY’S coverage of the Robert Durst trial are here. Season 2 Episode 3: Re-Openings The trial of Robert Durst for the murder...

Bonus Episode: The First Week of Testimony

This special bonus episode explores the first week of witnesses taking the stand in the Durst trial.

Episode Four of Durst Trial Podcast: Susan Berman — The Tragic End

In this episode, we track Susan Berman's initially hopeful and ultimately fatal Hollywood experience.

Episode Five of Durst Trial Podcast: The Detective Who Slept With a Witness

This episode, The Detective Who Slept With a Witness, focuses on the prosecution's withering cross examination of Det. Michael Struk.

Bonus Episode: What Happened to Bob?

Breaking: A mysterious 'medical condition' keeps Robert Durst out of court and in a prison hospital.

Susan Berman — A Moving Epilogue (with an update on Robert Durst’s Medical Incident)

This bonus episode of Jury Duty: The Trial of Robert Durst focuses on the most emotional testimony to date — Mella Kaufman, Susan Berman's surrogate daughter.

Episode Six of Durst Trial Podcast: On Kathie’s Disappearance and Bob’s Own Words

This episode looks at the prosecution's presentation of strange events in South Salem around the time of Kathie Durst's disappearance.