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Shawn is a writer based in Los Angeles but was born and raised in Rockland, New York. There he mastered the art of camouflage and eavesdropping, to which the writer in him was born.


Inside the Robe: A Judge’s Candid Tale of Criminal Justice in America – Part 68

In Part 68, Judge Mader explains the challenges of proving ‘aiding and abetting’ cases, and then reflects on the impact a sincere, empathetic prosecutor can have on the criminal legal process.

Crime Story Daily Highlights – Week 103

A weekly curated selection of highlights from Crime Story Daily.

Inside the Robe: A Judge’s Candid Tale of Criminal Justice in America – Part 67

In Part 67, Judge Mader navigates her colleagues’ sensitivities while editing a magazine for judges. Mader also explores the fine line judges must walk when talking to defendants about plea offers.

Bonus Episode of Durst Trial Podcast: Witness for Mistrial

This special breaking news edition of Jury Duty discusses the Thursday, July 29, motion by Robert Durst's defense team for a mistrial based on Durst’s declining health.

The Story of Kathie McCormack Durst – Part 2

“She said many times she would’ve been happy staying in Vermont. He decided he had to be a big shot, the totally opposite of what they were doing."

New Episode of Durst Trial Podcast: Self-Incriminating Breadcrumbs

In this episode, Self-Incriminating Breadcrumbs, host Kary Antholis and co-host Brittany Bookbinder examine the complex, contradictory public statements Robert Durst has made about his actions and trace how the prosecution is setting the stage to force Durst to unwind them when he takes the stand.

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Charles And Mr. Willy

The following story is inspired by true events. Names, genders and details have been changed. “I wasn’t angry, but I’m not no punk.”  Those words boom from the mouth of Charles Curtis, an animated 68-year-old who’s testimony resembles a man telling his grandkids exaggerated stories from his youth. He’s even dressed in a classic grandpa outfit, layered up enough to keep warm in LA winters, but his socks and sandals remind us that it’s summer. And if it weren’t for the fact that he was robbed of his bike, attacked by...

Shattered Arguments

Jose Macias, early 20s at most, takes the witness stand for his cross-examination dressed casually in a gray sweatshirt and sneakers. His leaning walk gives off a coolness about him, yet as he sits his eyes pierce through the prosecution with disdain. His chest is out and his voice firm when he speaks. Unfazed. Unintimidated. It’s as if there’s an unspoken beef between him and the prosecution — and in fact, there is. This is Jose’s second trial for domestic violence committed against his girlfriend. Since the first resulted in a mistrial, no love has been lost...

Talk Foreal (Excarceration 1)

On Saturday, June 1, 2019, Defy Ventures held an event called Business Coaching Day at the NationBuilder offices in downtown Los Angeles. As a nonprofit focused on reducing recidivism by supporting currently and formerly incarcerated men to become entrepreneurs, Defy puts on Business Coaching Days to give their participants, known as “Entrepreneurs-in-Training” (or EITs), an opportunity to learn from and be mentored by local executives. But their June event was unique: It was the first Business Coaching Day held outside prison and therefore primarily aimed to help EITs in transitional housing. There were roughly...