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Molly Miller is a playwright and screenwriter born and raised in Washington State. She is a graduate of The University of Chicago (BA Political Science) and the University of Southern California (MFA Screenwriting). Molly began her career as an actor in Chicago, improvising and writing sketch at The Annoyance Theatre, The Second City, and The iO Theatre. While performing, Molly wrote over a dozen plays and musicals including the long running comedy, Double Booked and the critically acclaimed musical Tribulation. Now a resident of Los Angeles, Molly is a staff writer on an upcoming drama for Spectrum TV/BET and her comedy pilot, BETTER HOMES & BUNKERS, is currently in development at Tornante. In addition to her work as a screenwriter Molly explores her passion for criminal justice as a reporter for crimestory.com and a writer for the podcast JURY DUTY: THE TRIAL OF ROBERT DURST. She is the recipient of the USC Annenberg Fellowship, the John Wells Summer Mentorship, the Edward Small Writing Award, the UChicago Metcalf Fellowship, and the UChicago Arts Grant.


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Facing Your Rapist in a Courtroom

It’s silent. It’s been 46 seconds and Kevin hasn’t said a word. He sits at the witness stand, hands in his lap. A teenager, slight in frame, Kevin wears a black turtleneck and moss green pants. His dark hair is spiked in front. It’s trendy in a way that reminds us that he’s still just a kid. And right now he’s staring down the man who sexually abused him. This is Kevin’s victim impact statement, his opportunity to speak during the sentencing phase of his offender’s trial. Such statements can be given by victims or their friends or family members. The judge tells...

It’s Like Turning the TV Off — Mid-Episode

On-again off-again on-again off. In many ways Leione and Gabriel’s relationship was fresh off the CW airwaves. They were young and attractive. Leoine was petite with black hair and glossy auburn highlights. Gabriel was thick chested with a strong jawline and bright smile. The romance was a whirlwind – the kind of young love whose pattern of explosive breakups and steamy make-ups fringed on melodrama. When Leione started working as an exotic dancer at a North Hollywood strip club, Gabriel didn’t approve. When Gabriel bought a gun for protection, Leoine was pissed because she hated weapons. They confronted each other’s...

The Wobbler

Two white lawyers on the verge of old age sit in a courtroom waiting for their cases to be called. Both are representing young men who got into tussles with the law. One of the attorneys reads the paper. His finely pressed sleeve falls to reveal a gold watch. The other fumbles with folders in a fine leather briefcase. The newspaper man folds the paper in his lap. A thought just struck him. “You know, I feel for these kids. I did tons of stupid shit when I was young.” The briefcase man plunks his case on the ground. He smirks,...

Update: Graffiti with Molly Miller Reading

According to the arresting officer, at 7 am on June 29, Danny walked down North Avenue 54 wearing gloves and holding a spray paint can. He stopped outside a 7/11, shook the can, and spray painted “HLXP1” on the beige wall above the overloaded dumpsters. Then, he turned down York Street and sprayed “HLXPARK1” on the cracked curb of the 7/11’s parking lot. He nodded at his handiwork. The graffiti was a gang tag, meant to mark Highland Park’s territory and assert the gang’s status in the neighborhood. HLP and its variations, HLXP1 and HLXPARK1, all meant the same thing:...

$7.99 Half Rotisserie Chicken

The sign read “Half Rotisserie Chicken — $7.99” On June 1, 2019, 43-year-old Mario Morataya stepped into the Super A Foods while his wife waited outside with their six-month-old baby. Morataya worked a minimum wage job at the recycling center, but it wasn’t nearly enough to pay his family’s bills. His wife was hungry. He was hungry. The rotisserie chicken glistened on its heating tray. According to loss prevention agent Adrian Murphy, Morataya looked to the left and looked to the right, then shoved the half chicken in his sweatpants. While holding the concealed bird in place, Morataya milled through the front...

The Law of Unintended Consequences

The law of unintended consequences is that actions always have unanticipated effects. Ms. Roberts, a homeless trans woman, was shaking. Her thin frame stood protectively over her upended shopping cart of belongings. It contained everything she owned in the world. Some people would call it trash, but to her it was her wardrobe, her pantry, and the place where she kept all items of sentimental value. Now it lay scattered on the pavement, mixed with dirt and unsanitary debris. Roberts stared at the ground and then looked up at the woman who had thrown her cart. Back-lit by the streetlamps, what Roberts...