Molly Miller

Molly was raised in Woodinville, WA and grew up building forts in the forest and running through poison ivy to escape imaginary tree monsters. She left the woods to attend The University of Chicago where she double majored in Political Science and Theatre. After graduation Molly became the youngest performing improviser on a house team at the iO Theater and was cast in productions at the Court Theatre, The Annoyance and The Second City. While performing, Molly partnered with The Public House Theatre to write and produce a series of plays, including her long-running dramedy, Double Booked. In 2015 she wrote and executive produced Tribulation: The Musical, which opened for a six month run at the Mission Theatre where it received critical acclaim and went on to mount at the New York Fringe Festival. In 2017 Molly began her MFA in Screenwriting at USC where she was an Annenberg Fellow and the recipient of the 2018 Edward Small Screenwriting Award. Since graduating Molly has become obsessed with the criminal justice system. When she’s not at court Molly can be found watching crime dramas while doing jigsaw puzzles.


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A Chair and a Killing

Think about the least significant piece of furniture in your home: a stool, a hamper, maybe a couch pillow. For me, it’s a cheap Ikea chair, one that’s currently occupied by an uneven stack of mismatched magazines that I mean to read but probably never will. These nomadic elements of home décor are inconsequential to our everyday lives — until they aren’t. Do you remember exactly where your furniture was on July 16, 2018? Donniesha Gregory is the victim in this case, a 32-year-old mother of two. On Monday, July 16, Donte Solomon, Gregory’s...

Strong Female Lead (Moorer 1) with Molly Miller Reading

It’s almost like a gritty, high-octane action flick. The female lead is a young prostitute and this is the climax of her narrative arc. After years of being mentally and physically abused by her pimp, they get into one last altercation outside of a bank. The pimp punches her face, elbows her eye and slams a car door on her head. She fights back — teeth, nails, everything she’s got — and manages to knock him to the ground. Then she gets into the car and looks at her pimp through the windshield....

The Bullet and the Door (Martinez 1) with Molly Miller Reading

My mother always said there are two sides to every story. In this story, there are two sides to the same door. It’s the wooden front door of the Martinez two-bedroom, one-story residence in Montebello, California. On one side of the door, a shot was fired. On the other side, a man was killed. Outside of the door, on the evening of October 28, 2014, 45-year-old Pomona Police Officer Shaun Diamond was called to take part in a SWAT operation. His team was tasked with serving a search warrant to...