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Inside the Robe: A Judge’s Candid Tale of Criminal Justice in America – Part 67

In Part 67, Judge Mader navigates her colleagues’ sensitivities while editing a magazine for judges. Mader also explores the fine line judges must walk when talking to defendants about plea offers.

Bonus Episode of Durst Trial Podcast: Witness for Mistrial

This special breaking news edition of Jury Duty discusses the Thursday, July 29, motion by Robert Durst's defense team for a mistrial based on Durst’s declining health.

The Story of Kathie McCormack Durst – Part 2

“She said many times she would’ve been happy staying in Vermont. He decided he had to be a big shot, the totally opposite of what they were doing."

New Episode of Durst Trial Podcast: Self-Incriminating Breadcrumbs

In this episode, Self-Incriminating Breadcrumbs, host Kary Antholis and co-host Brittany Bookbinder examine the complex, contradictory public statements Robert Durst has made about his actions and trace how the prosecution is setting the stage to force Durst to unwind them when he takes the stand.

The Story of Kathie McCormack Durst – Part 1

Kathie — the person on the verge of becoming a doctor when she vanished — is sometimes lost in the tumult of the Robert Durst story and the span of time. But this mind-bending tale really begins with Kathie.

Prison Journalism Project: From Abuser to Advocate

Floyd Collins was 23 years old when he was sentenced to life in prison for murder. Now at 47, the San Francisco native has become a staunch advocate for victims of domestic violence.

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Felicity Huffman’s Smarter Choices (Updated with Huffman Sentencing)

Update: Just before publication of this story, actress Felicity Huffman was sentenced to 14 days in jail and was fined $30,000 for her role in the college admissions cheating scandal. Last week, federal prosecutors asked United States District Judge Indira Talwani to impose a one-month jail sentence on actress Felicity Huffman, who pleaded guilty to mail fraud last May in “Operation Varsity Blues,” the bribery investigation that rendered Americans even more cynical about college admissions. It’s a light sentence for a hefty nationwide scandal, and she probably won’t even serve it. Huffman...