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New Episode of Durst Trial Podcast: Loyalty in The World of Robert Durst

In this episode, host Kary Antholis and co-host Brittany Bookbinder explore the expectations and limits of loyalty in the world of Robert Durst.

Mike Romano: Fernando Rocha’s Life Sentence Vacated After 24 Years

Fernando Rocha's life sentence has been vacated based on "exceptional conduct" while in prison.

Inside the Robe: A Judge’s Candid Tale of Criminal Justice in America – Part 68

In Part 68, Judge Mader explains the challenges of proving ‘aiding and abetting’ cases, and then reflects on the impact a sincere, empathetic prosecutor can have on the criminal legal process.

Crime Story Daily Highlights – Week 103

A weekly curated selection of highlights from Crime Story Daily.

Inside the Robe: A Judge’s Candid Tale of Criminal Justice in America – Part 67

In Part 67, Judge Mader navigates her colleagues’ sensitivities while editing a magazine for judges. Mader also explores the fine line judges must walk when talking to defendants about plea offers.

Bonus Episode of Durst Trial Podcast: Witness for Mistrial

This special breaking news edition of Jury Duty discusses the Thursday, July 29, motion by Robert Durst's defense team for a mistrial based on Durst’s declining health.

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Episode 340: Inside the Robe: A Judge’s Candid Tale of Criminal Justice in America – Part 66

In Part 66, Judge Mader details a dramatic interaction with a person representing himself and offers addenda to several earlier entries. July 11 A violent confrontation occurred in court this morning with a man representing himself. The inmate, charged with battery on a police officer, had twenty-three documented incidents of violent, aggressive behavior toward custodial officers and refusing to follow police orders. Twice he refused to leave his cell to come to court and had to be forcibly taken. Although...

Episode 339: A Judge’s Candid Tale of Criminal Justice in America – Part 65

In Part 65, Judge Mader discusses her evolving views of police officers and explores what constitutes ‘the perfect trial.’ She also revisits the topic of race in jury selection. July 6 Police officers usually testify in all criminal cases, and many judges have careers during which they worked closely or antagonistically with the police. My experience with police officers has been admiring as well as disappointing. As a young girl, I wanted to join the FBI. I’ve always loved investigation. Graduating from law...

CA Innocence Project: Roeling Adams Freed From Prison After Serving 28 Years

Despite having an alibi, Roeling spent 28 years in prison because of eyewitness misidentification, circumstances of gang loyalty, and a dubious star witness. Now, he's free.

Season 2 Episode 11: Robert Durst’s Love Nest

You can find links to all of CRIME STORY’S coverage of the Robert Durst trial here. This episode, Robert Durst's Love Nest, focuses on the testimony of Susan Giordano and Jeanne Clark, examining the loyalty that Robert Durst seems to inspire in his female companions, as well as the possible reasons that the prosecution called these witnesses. Host Kary Antholis discusses these dynamics with co-host Brittany Bookbinder and Charles V. Bagli, who is covering the trial for The New York Times and CrimeStory.com.

Episode 338: Inside the Robe: A Judge’s Candid Tale of Criminal Justice in America – Part 64

In Part 64, Judge Mader considers neutrality in two contexts: Her own need to remain neutral as a jurist and so-called race neutral reasons for dismissing potential jurors. July 1 Reflecting on yesterday’s verdict, I realize that it didn’t matter to me which side won. This leads me to a larger issue. Does a judge care who wins? Or, more pointedly, can a judge ensure one side wins? Often one advocate is pleasant, and the other attorney rude and obnoxious....

Episode 337: Inside the Robe: A Judge’s Candid Tale of Criminal Justice in America – Part 63

In Part 63, Judge Mader discusses the use of 'extraction orders' for inmates that refuse to attend court dates. She also reflects on why she began keeping a diary and what she hopes others can gain from her insight. June 28 Firearms are a subject that divides judges, sometimes along personality lines, sometimes political ones. Due to potential threats from defendants, their families, and their gangs, judges may carry concealed weapons if they have an official permit and weapons training. Family law...