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Charlie Bagli has been covering the Robert Durst mystery for 20 years, mostly for The New York Times, but also for Los Angeles Magazine and Town & Country magazine. He covered the intersection of politics and real estate in New York, interviewing all of the city's powerful real estate billionaires, including members of the Durst family, before he even heard Bob's name. The case has taken him from Manhattan, where Durst's family owns a dozen skyscrapers, to Galveston, Texas, where Bob Durst rented a cheap room while posing as a mute woman, to Los Angeles, where Durst occasionally lived and where Susan Berman was murdered. Bagli has interviewed investigators and Durst, as well as his friends; his wife's Kathie's family and friends, and Susan Berman's far-flung network of friends and family. In a surprising coincidence, Bagli's closest friend had attended a camp in the Berkshire Mountains where Bob was a counselor. He wrote about the sale of high-profile buildings, Donald J. Trump's projects in Manhattan and his casino debacle, political contributions of the real estate industry, the battle to build a $2 billion stadium for the Jets, bid rigging in the construction industry and payoffs at the tax assessors office. He has worked for The New York Observer, the Daily Record, the Tampa Tribune and the Brooklyn Phoenix. He is the author of "Other People's Money; Inside the Housing Crisis and the Greatest Real Estate Deal Ever Made." Prior to becoming a journalist, he worked as an EKG tech, a furnace tender at a tool plant, a bus driver and a janitor at a Kmart. He has lived in Montclair, New Jersey for 34 years with his wife Ellie Bagli and their two daughters. He ran the New York Marathon twice and coached a girls softball team for 12 years.


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The Many Lives of Robert Durst – The Complete Seven-Part Series

You can find links to all of CRIME STORY’S coverage of the Robert Durst trial here. Introduction  Robert A. Durst, the septuagenarian real estate scion on trial in Los Angeles for murder, never amounted to much. By his own account, he was a “mediocre” student with little patience or acumen for the family business. He had a “very small” circle of friends. He struggled with bulimia and talked to himself. Although he received a million dollars a year tax free from the family trust, money did not buy him happiness. He was estranged from his family and refused to attend his father’s funeral. Yet,...

The Many Lives of Robert Durst – Part 7

Why did he decide to talk, and talk, and talk? “I am convinced that there’s no reason I shouldn’t say anything I want to, to anyone I want.”

The Many Lives of Robert Durst – Part 6

In October 2000, Bob Durst learned that the authorities had opened a new investigation into the disappearance and possible murder of his wife Kathie. It freaked him out.

The Many Lives of Robert Durst – Parts 4 & 5

Looking back, Bob said, “In the beginning, we shared everything. I was the dominant person in the marriage… I had the money. I was nine years older. I had the education.” He acknowledged, “I was very, very controlling.”

The Many Lives of Robert Durst – Parts 2 & 3

“I don’t get along with people easily,” Robert Durst would say. “Most people don’t get along with me at all, not out-going, shy. That’s my father.”

The Many Lives of Robert Durst – Part 1

Who is Bob Durst? A sometimes charming but misunderstood eccentric who wound up in the wrong place at the wrong time, twice? Or, a well-heeled triple murderer and lifelong liar with a sense of entitlement?