Amanda Knox with Christopher Robinson

Amanda Knox is an exoneree, journalist, public speaker, and author of the New York Times best-selling memoir, Waiting to Be Heard (HarperCollins, April 2013). Between 2007 and 2015, she spent nearly four years in an Italian prison and eight years on trial for a murder she didn’t commit. Amanda hosted of The Scarlet Letter Reports, a VICE/Facebook series about the public vilification of women, and currently hosts The Truth About True Crime, a podcast series for Sundance/AMC that she produces and writes with Christopher. ------------------------------ Christopher Robinson is a Boston University and Hunter College MFA graduate, a MacDowell Colony fellow, Yaddo fellow, and a Yale Younger Poets Prize finalist. He is the co-author, with Gavin Kovite, of War of the Encylopaedists (Scribner, 2015), which the New York Times called "captivating," and Deliver Us (Alephactory, 2018). He currently produces and writes The Truth About True Crime with Amanda.


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Amanda Knox Interview: An Exoneree’s Mission to Protect the Incarcerated

In 1997, Khalil Rushdan was convicted of murder and spent 15 years in prison before his conviction was overturned. He now works for the ACLU of Arizona, helping former prisoners with their re-entry into free society.  I reached out to Khalil to discuss the reality of healthcare inside prison, the ACLU’s class action lawsuit against the Arizona Department of Corrections for their failure to provide adequate medical care, and his thoughts on how Governor Doug Ducey’s response to the pandemic has affected these already challenging conditions.   Amanda...

Amanda Knox Interview: An Exoneree’s Quest for Peace in Quarantine

Finding New Appreciation: An Interview with Josh Kezer In 1994, 19-year-old Josh Kezer was convicted for a 1992 murder, though no physical evidence linked him to the crime scene and alibi witnesses placed him hundreds of miles away. He spent 16 years in prison before his conviction was overturned and he was released. Today, Kezer lives half the year in Columbia, Missouri, and the other half in Southeast Asia, where he studies martial arts and combats the sex trafficking industry. I reached out to him to ask how his own...

Amanda Knox Interview: Gavin Newsom’s Outbreak of Mercy

Governor Grants Clemency to Four California Innocence Project Clients Governor Newsom’s Outbreak of Mercy  By Amanda Knox with Christopher Robinson On March 27, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom granted clemency to 26 Californians, four of whom were clients of the California Innocence Project (CIP): JoAnn Parks, Suzanne Johnson, Rodney McNeal, and David Jassy.  These CIP clients are each middle-aged or senior citizens who have spent decades behind bars. JoAnn Parks, 67, has been in prison since 1993 for...

Amanda Knox Interview: The Impact of Quarantine on the Formerly Incarcerated

“These are creative times”Obie Anthony, Founder, Exonerated Nation Social distancing and self-quarantine are difficult measures for everyone, but especially for the formerly incarcerated. Having your ability to gather restricted and being forced indoors is triggering. With the necessary cancellation of the annual Innocence Network Conference, many exonerees are feeling adrift and alone. I reached out to Obie Anthony, founder of Exonerated Nation, a nonprofit organization that assists exonerees in reintegrating into society, to talk about how he’s facilitating community in these uncertain times. Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox: The Too-Steep Climb to Righting Wrongful Convictions

Chris and I got married on February 29th, 2020—just in time, it seems. Only two of our guests cancelled at the last minute for fear of travel due to the coronavirus. This was before Governor Inslee called for the cancellation of any event with over fifty participants. Now, just two weeks later, Chris and I are grateful that we’ve only had to cancel our honeymoon. We were planning on travelling to Germany to visit Jens Soering who, after 33 years wrongfully imprisoned, has reentered the world at a very strange time. We were hoping to write about meeting him in...

Amanda Knox Interview: The Threat to Habeas Corpus

"Without it…the Game is Over": Justin Brooks, director of the California Innocence Project, on the DOJ's move to suspend habeus corpus On March 21, 2020, Politico reported that the Trump administration Justice Department submitted documents to Congress requesting lawmakers to grant the Attorney General power to ask the chief judge of any district court to pause court proceedings “whenever the district court is fully or partially closed by virtue of any natural disaster, civil disobedience, or other emergency situation.” This broad authority to pause court...