Over the course of the six weeks of The Jinx 2 series we are re-releasing 27 of our favorite episodes about the Durst trial from the Jury Duty feed.

Today we present our coverage of the Verdict in the trial as well as the pre-sentencing defense motion for a new trial.

This is Season 2 Bonus Episode 13: The Verdict and Season 2 Episode 38: Sentencing – Part 1: How Judge Windham Saw the Durst Trial

In this installment, host Kary Antholis presents the reading of the verdict in the Durst trial and then he and co-host Brittany Bookbinder begin a two-part discussion of the Thursday, October 14th, court appearance of Robert Durst, his first since being convicted of the murder of his friend Susan Berman. In Part 1, Kary and Brittany focus on the defense team’s motion for a new trial through the prism of the prosecution’s response and Judge Mark E. Windham’s ruling on the matter.

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