Over the course of the six weeks of The Jinx 2 series we are re-releasing 27 of our favorite episodes about the Durst trial from the Jury Duty feed.

From May through September of 2021, in 45 regular and bonus episodes, Jury Duty covered the witness testimony in the Durst Trial. You can do a deep dive into that testimony in Season 2 Episodes 4 through 33 of this podcast. 

Today we begin our four-part presentation of our episodes covering the lawyers’ closing arguments in the trial. 

This is Season 2 Episode 31: Roaches in Soup: Closing Arguments — Part 1

On Wednesday September 8th, Deputy DA Habib Balian commenced the prosecution’s highly-anticipated closing arguments. In this episode, host Kary Antholis and co-host Brittany Bookbinder explore Balian’s use of emotion, metaphor, and repetition to convince the jury of Robert Durst’s guilt. Kary and Brittany are joined by Charles V. Bagli, who is covering the trial for The New York Times and CrimeStory.com, to discuss what this first day tells us about the prosecution’s closing argument strategy.

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