During each of the first 3 weeks of The Jinx 2 series we released four of our favorite episodes about the Durst trial from the Jury Duty feed… We’ve had a tremendous response to these first 12 episodes, and so during these last 3 weeks of the series, we have decided to increase our weekly release to 5 of the most memorable episodes from our Durst coverage for a total of 27 episodes.

From May through September of 2021, in 45 regular and bonus episodes, Jury Duty covered the witness testimony in the Durst Trial. You can do a deep dive into that testimony in Season 2 Episodes 4 through 33 of this podcast. Later this week we will present our episodes covering the lawyers closing arguments in the trial. Beyond that, we will offer portions of our coverage of the trial’s verdict and the Durst sentencing, as well as excerpts of our exclusive interviews with two of the Trial’s jurors, and the lead prosecutor, John Lewin.

But first, over the next two installments we present the episodes where our Jury Duty team reflected on the most significant and memorable moments that occurred during the trial testimony of this extraordinary trial.

We begin these reflections with Season 2 Episode 35 The Durst Trial’s Most Memorable Moments — Part 1 — Honorable Mentions, in which host Kary Antholis, co-host Brittany Bookbinder, and journalist Charles V Bagli — who covered the Durst story for CrimeStory.com and the New York Times — discuss the moments from the proceedings that were truly incredible but did not quite make Charlie’s top 10 list. We will present Charlie’s Top Ten moments in our next episode. 

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