We have several programming notes for our Podcast.

First, we are going to pause our coverage of the trial of Alex Murdaugh for the next seven weeks.

Second, this week, beginning with today’s episode, in recognition of the death of O.J. Simpson last Wednesday, April 10, we are reaching into the archives of Crime Story Media to present a series of special interviews related to the way that the historical narrative of Simpson’s trial for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman has been preserved for posterity.

We begin today with Kary Antholis’s exclusive interview with Bill Hodgman who had oversight responsibilities for the team prosecuting O.J. Simpson: Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden. That interview was conducted on January 24, 2020, the 25th Anniversary of the beginning of Oral Arguments in the trial.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we present Kary’s two-part interview with Larry Karaszewski and Scott Alexander, the creators of the Emmy and Golden Globe winning limited series The People vs. O.J. Simpson.

And on Thursday and Friday, we present Kary’s two-part interview with Ezra Edelman the producer and director of the Oscar and Emmy winning documentary epic, O.J.: Made In America.

And finally, as you know, this Jury Duty Podcast began by covering the LA trial of Robert Durst for the murder of his friend Susan Berman.

Over the course of three years we have published more than 150 episodes covering the trial, both before and after the pandemic, including extensive interviews, with the lead prosecutor on the case, two of the trial’s jurors, and Charlie Bagli, a reporter who had covered the Durst family for decades.

As you may know, The Jinx 2 — a six part documentary series sequel to The Jinx about the LA trial of Robert Durst — premieres on the Max streaming service on April 21. In parallel with that broadcast, we are scheduling a special event for Season 10 of the Jury Duty podcast.

For each of the six weeks of The Jinx 2 series we will re-release four of our favorite episodes about the Durst trial from the Jury Duty feed… for a total of 24 episodes.

The first episode of Jury Duty: The Durst Trial’s Greatest Hits will drop on April 22.

Now on to the first episode of our Jury Duty Special, The Legacy of the OJ Trial. Here’s Kary Antholis’s January 24, 2020 interview with former LA Assistant District Attorney Bill Hodgman.

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