By the end of Night Raid episode one, two conflicting stories emerged: the SWAT team says David Martinez shot Officer Shaun Diamond in the first moments of the raid on the house in San Gabriel, but David’s parents claim the officers shot their own man. Episode two places you on the scene as David’s story evolves from the seconds after the shooting to a pretrial conference three years later. You’ll hear the police dash cam audio, recordings in David’s holding cell, his interview with detectives, audio from undercover officers posing as inmates, jail phone calls, and reenactments of David’s preliminary hearing. Ultimately, the physical evidence leads us to the conclusion that David likely shot Officer Diamond; but did he pull the trigger in self defense, thinking the police were Mongols? With David’s trial on the horizon, his public defender Brady Sullivan is left with a near impossible task: convincing a jury that a man who shot a police officer from approximately five feet away is not guilty of murder.

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