The Mystery Behind the Crime Wave at 312 Riverside Drive Michael Wilson, New York Times

Here’s what’s driving gun violence in NYC – and how to stop it – according to the public advocate Samantha Max, Gothamist

Biden hosts ‘United We Stand’ summit on hate-based violence Deepa Shivaram, NPR

Satanic panic is making a comeback, fueled by QAnon believers and GOP influencers Brandy Zadrozny, NBC News

Guns Are Fueling the Rise in Domestic Extremist Violence Across the Country Marissa Edmund, Center for American Progress

Philly’s gun-violence spending is surging, but many funded programs lack clear goals to show progress Mensah M. Dean, Philadelphia Inquirer

American Rescue Plan is rescuing police agencies in Colorado John Frank and Alayna Alvarez, Axios

Police Misconduct Costs Cities Millions Every Year. But That’s Where The Accountability Ends. (2021) Amelia Thomson-Devaux, Laura Bronner, and Damini Sharma, The Marshall Project

Insurers force change on police departments long resistant to it Kimberly Kindy, Washington Post

Reimagining the Commons Is One Step Toward a Future Without Police Mariame Kaba and Andrea J. Ritchie, Truthout

Police at odds with progressive district judges Andy Sheehan, CBS Pittsburgh

How a ‘Purge’ law misinformation campaign could undercut landmark criminal justice reform Tiffany Walden, The Triibe

Bail Reform In New York Is Under Threat Thanks to Misinformation and Fearmongering MK Kaishian, Teen Vogue

No Bail for Pretrial Detainees Means No Vote James Van Bramer, The Crime Report

No Simple Solution to Helping Voters in Jail Cast Ballots Aaron Mendelson, PEW Stateline

Hiring Formerly Incarcerated People Is Good, Actually Billy Binion, Reason

Why a visit to a maximum-security South Carolina prison gave me hope Kathleen Parker, Washington Post

Prosecutors Move to Overturn Murder Conviction in ‘Serial’ Case Michael Levenson, New York Times

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