How Students in 12 Countries Are Taught About 9/11 Damien Cave and Yousur Al-Hlou, New York Times

I’m a Pakistani-American Muslim in a Prison 5 Miles From the Twin Towers. Since 9/11, I’ve Been Treated Like the Enemy (2021) Tariq Maqbool, The Marshall Project

Discriminatory profiling needs to end at Homeland Security Faiza Patel, The Hill

DHS chief warns of “emerging threat of the domestic violent extremist” Axios

FBI and DHS warn threats to federal law enforcement have spiked since Mar-a-Lago search Jonathan Dienst, Kelly O’Donnell, and Mirna Alsharif, NBC

How Trump Supporters Came to Hate the Police Luke Mogelson, The New Yorker

Federal Oversight of Police Has Cost Cleveland Millions. What’s Changed? Mark Puente and Cid Standifer, The Marshall Project

St. Louis’ Private Police Forces Make Security a Luxury of the Rich Jeremy Kohler, ProPublica/St. Louis Post-Dispatch

In a segregated region, crime and police hurt the same people Myron Orfield and Will Stancil, Minnesota Star Tribune

An expanded scope for a training facility in Chicago raises questions about how – and if – architects should engage with carceral projects Kate Wagner, The Architect’s Newspaper

Most US states don’t have universal air conditioning in prisons. Climate change, heat waves are making it ‘torture’ Jeanine Santucci and Maria Aguilar, USA Today

Why Record Heat Can Be Deadlier in Prisons Jamiles Lartey, The Marshall Project  

Report: Legislators Need to Act on Dangerous Heat in New Jersey Prisons The Crime Report

Data shows New York is violating a new law banning solitary confinement Matt Katz, Gothamist

People Age Out of Crime. Prison Sentences Should Reflect That Amy Fettig and Steven Zeidman, Time

California Legislature Passes Bill to Expand Prison Releases for Terminally Ill People Piper French, Bolts

The History of California’s Inmate Firefighter Program Francine Uenuma, Smithsonian Magazine

San Quentin inmates find community through tennis Janie McCauley, Washington Post

Growing Justice Cameron Rasmussen and Sonya Shah, Inquest

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