In pictures: Uvalde students return to school CNN

In Uvalde, a 9-year-old anxiously prepares to return to school Arelis R. Hernández, Washington Post

Uvalde school year begins amid fear, unfinished security PBS

Texas State Police Deflect Blame, Downplay Their Role in Uvalde Shooting Failures Lomi Kriel and Zach Despart, ProPublica/Texas Tribune

A school shooting shattered a town in 1997. Now the gunman could get parole. Timothy Bella, Washington Post

States Rarely Use Red Flag Laws Amid Shootings, Gun Deaths The Crime Report

Stand Your Ground Laws Are Proliferating. And More People Are Dying. Jonathan Jones, Decca Muldowney, Nadia Hamdan, Farah Eltohamy, and Anya Syed, Reveal

The Victim Who Became the Accused Rachel Aviv, The New Yorker

A Black protester voiced anger at police in South Carolina. She got 4 years in prison NPR

Pregnant Black Activist Now Serving Prison Time Will Have Her Sentence Reconsidered Noah A. McGee, The Root

California Legislature Passes Bill to Expand Prison Releases for Terminally Ill People Piper French, Bolts Magazine

Brooklyn DA to toss 378 convictions in ‘mass exoneration’ Spectrum News

Herman Williams Is Exonerated After Nearly Three Decades of Wrongful Conviction The Innocence Project

The Innocence Project’s First Black Woman Executive Director Talks Transforming The Broken Criminal Legal System Safire R. Sostre, Essence

Fighting an Unjust System, Bail Project Gets People Out of Jail, Reunites Families Stacy M. Brown, Washington Informer

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