The Heartbreak of Going Back to School in Uvalde Rachel Monroe, The New Yorker

States wrangle with how to secure schools as students return Juan Perez Jr. and Katelyn Cordero, Politico

How Gun Policy Is Scrambling to Keep Up With Gun Culture Jamiles Lartey, The Marshall Project

Americans Want Stricter Gun Laws – and to Own Guns Tom Kutsch, The Trace

US judge throws out Texas gun ban for young adults after Supreme Court ruling NBC News

How Easy Is It To Buy A Gun In Pennsylvania? Jon Campisi, Patch

Weak Gun Laws Are Driving Increases in Violent Crime Nick Wilson, Center for American Progress

Editorial: Baltimore police reform remains essential to any hope of crime reduction Baltimore Sun

‘Police don’t produce safety’: the Black feminist scholars fighting for abolition Sam Levin, The Guardian

Defund the Police Algorithms Michelle Chen, The Nation

Hello, Sheriff’s Department? How about a straight answer? Alene Tchekmedyian, Los Angeles Times

Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend Reflects on the Cost of Her Death at the Hands of Police Samantha Michaels, Mother Jones

Finally, some basic justice for my girlfriend, Breonna Taylor Kenneth Walker, Washington Post

The big idea: should revenge ever be a part of justice? Gwen Adshead, The Guardian

In a Sweltering Texas Jail, Cool Towels but No Air-Conditioners David Montgomery, New York Times

“It’s a living hell”: Scorching heat in Texas prisons revives air-conditioning debate Jolie McCullough, Texas Tribune

People in jail sued over covid safety. The oversight didn’t last. Katie Mettler and Emily Davies, Washington Post

NJ promised to free wrongly convicted prisoners, but families say the state is dragging its feet SP Sullivan, NJ Advance Media

Convicted at 17, prisoner, now 53, exonerated in rape Kevin McGill, Washington Post

“Harmless Errors” (2017) Thomas Dybdahl, The Marshall Project

On the Fire Line After Prison Brandon Smith with Yessenia Funes, Atmos

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