Donald Trump and the Sweepstakes Scammers Jeff Maysh, The New Yorker

Trump supporters’ threats to judge spur democracy concerns Gary Fields and Nicholas Riccardi, AP

Trump Is Going After One of the Most Conservative Institutions in the US Government Garrett M. Graff, New York Times

The Far Right Doesn’t Want to Defund FBI. They Want It to Follow Their Orders. Amy Goodman, Truthout

“There Are Good Reasons to Defund the FBI. They Have Nothing to Do with Trump”: Professor Alex Vitale Democracy Now!

Absolute Immunity: Like Qualified Immunity, But Somehow Even Worse Lisa Needham, Balls and Strikes

The Death Penalty Case That Went Too Far Lara Bazelon, New York Magazine

Juror Speaks Out Hours Before Execution in Death Penalty Case Michelle Pitcher, Texas Observer

Deaths Mount at NYC’s Rikers as City Attempts to Address Safety Crisis Fola Akinnibi, Bloomberg

Tracking the Deaths in New York City’s Jail System in 2022 Jonah E. Bromwich and Jan Ransom, New York Times

How to Lower the High Level of Jail Suicides Josephine Wonsun Hahn, Brennan Center for Justice

How funding mental health services could reduce incarceration in Oklahoma Mollie Bryant, Big If True

Illinois is failing to provide adequate health care for prisoners Harold Hirshman, Chicago Sun-Times

A Teenager’s Nightmare Stay in Greg Abbott’s Prison for Kids Eileen Grench, Daily Beast  

A man waited three years for a trial. His case may change how Maine looks at speedy trial rights Samantha Hogan, Maine Monitor

Expungement is a waiting game for metro Detroiters seeking a clean record Andrea May Sahouri, Detroit Free Press

‘Free’ illustrates enormous reentry challenges for those coming out of prison Allison Frost, Oregon Public Broadcasting

‘We Need Everyone’: How Two Formerly Incarcerated Firefighters Built a Movement Adam Mahoney, The Crime Report

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