We’re in an Emergency – Act Like It! Mark Danner, New York Review of Books

The New Era of Political Violence Is Here Tom Nichols, The Atlantic

The Arizona Republican Party’s Anti-Democracy Experiment Robert Draper, New York Times Magazine

Rightwing sheriffs’ groups ramp up drives to monitor US midterm elections Peter Stone, The Guardian

Right-wing sheriffs are doing some really shady political organizing against the election system Zeeshan Aleem, MSNBC

In the Aftermath of a Police Killing, the Justifications Begin Immediately Jamie Kalven, The Intercept

Accusing a cop: One woman’s journey through the LAPD’s secretive discipline system Kevin Rector, Los Angeles Times

‘Forest defenders’ use extreme tactics in fight to ‘stop cop city’ Tyler Estep, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

If Republicans Really Wanted to Fight Crime, They’d Support Climate Policy Liza Featherstone, New Republic

America’s Climate Crisis Is Also A Prison Crisis Talia Smith, NowThis

Lots of things drive violence in prison. Add heat to the list Grant Blankenship, GPB

After 121 scalding Mississippi summers, Parchman prison is getting air conditioning Mina Corpuz, Mississippi Today

‘Foolishly sticking with failed system’: Mississippi leads the world in mass incarceration Jerry Mitchell, Mississippi Clarion Ledger

‘Feminist’ Jail Proposals Contribute to Mass Incarceration, Abolitionist Activists Say Mon M., Teen Vogue

Federal Time Kyana Givens, Michael Carter, and Laura Ginsberg Abelson, Inquest

Criminal justice reform and resilience are central in Albert Woodfox’s ‘Solitary’ NPR

YouTubers Have Moved From Talking About Crime to Trying to Solve It Geoff Weiss, Business Insider

Glen McCurley Strangled Carla Walker in 1974. Was She His Only Victim? Skip Hollandsworth, Texas Monthly

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