The case of a lifetime Eli Saslow, Washington Post

‘This Broke Me’: Parkland Trial Reveals Depths of Families’ Sorrow Patricia Mazzei, New York Times

Parkland trial a rare, curtailed look at mass shooting gore Terry Spencer, AP

Two Trials, One Shared Grief: Families Testify on the Scars That School Shootings Leave Behind Christina Maxouris, CNN

I Love My Students, but I Won’t Use a Gun to Protect Them Beth Ann Fennelly, New York Times

North Carolina sheriff stocking schools with AR-15 rifles AP

At rising crime’s core: An absence of hope Colbert I. King, Washington Post

Along a Subway Line’s 31 Miles, Nagging Crime Fears Test Riders’ Resolve Ali Watkins, New York Times

Securing public safety without mass incarceration or deepening racial injustice Lauren-Brooke Eisen and Hernandez D. Stroud, The Hill

Brooke Jenkins Can’t Have It Both Ways Rachel Marshall, The Appeal

New Jersey mostly got rid of cash bail. Why hasn’t Connecticut? Kelan Lyons, Connecticut Mirror

Seattle’s Crackdown on Low-Level Crime Targets the Poor, Mentally Ill Will Casey, The Stranger

The claims of abuses against prisoners in a St. Louis jail are horrific. They’re also not unique. Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg, Grid News

The heat wave feels even hotter if you’re in prison. Mass.’s solution of ice and fans offers little relief. Sarah Betancourt, WGBH

Texas prisons must install air conditioning Dallas Morning News

NY replacing ‘inmate’ with ‘incarcerated individual’ in state law Aliza Chasan, Binghamton Homepage

I Am Not Your ‘Inmate’ (2021) Lawrence Bartley, The Marshall Project

‘We kept pushing forward’: Joy at the criminal courthouse after wave of exonerations Sam Charles, Brónagh Tumulty, and Tahman Bradley, WGN

An extraordinary story of forgiveness: from life without parole to finding grace Oliver Laughland, The Guardian

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