The First Post-Roe Vote on Abortion Peter Slevin, The New Yorker

Kansas Abortion Vote Tests Political Energy in Post-Roe America Katie Glueck, New York Times

Why Kansas is a bellwether for abortion rights Amber Phillips, Washington Post

The Kansas Abortion Vote Could Be a Big Pro-Choice Victory Ed Kilgore, New York Magazine

Pregnancy, Prison, and the End of Roe MSNBC

‘They might have to give birth in chains’: Abortion access behind bars after the end of Roe v Wade Josh Marcus, Independent

The War on Drugs Has a Warning for Post-Roe America Maia Szalavitz, New York Times

 Biden’s Drug Czar Is Leading the Charge for a ‘Harm Reduction’ Approach Noah Weiland, New York Times

Brittney Griner’s detention should prompt fixes to US drug laws Marc M. Howard, Washington Post

The War on Drugs Does Not Work, and It’s Worse Than That David Greenwald, Davis Vanguard

Black People are Hard to Find in Boulder County, But Not in the Criminal Justice System Angela Johnson, The Root

New study of Montana’s criminal justice system reveals further disparities for Native Americans Keith Schubert, Daily Montanan

Staffing shortages and deficient training leave First Step Act floundering, federal prison employees say Erik Ortiz, NBC News

Prison Personnel Describe Horrific Conditions, and Cover-Up, at Atlanta Prison Glenn Thrush, New York Times

Alleged police misconduct cost Yonkers, NY, millions. The complaints kept coming Tracy Brannstrom, NPR

Boston’s new police commissioner tried to bring change to Ann Arbor. It wasn’t easy. Ivy Scott, Boston Globe

When Police and Youth Encounter Each Other, Bad Things Don’t Have to Happen Johanna Wald and Lisa H. Thurau, Governing

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