Should the Parkland Shooter Die? Elizabeth Bruenig, The Atlantic

Parkland trial a rare, curtailed look at mass shooting gore Terry Spencer, WPTV

At the Parkland Trial, Families Must Endure Grisly Evidence on Repeat Patricia Mazzei, New York Times

House votes to reinstate ‘assault weapons’ ban for first time in decades Sarah Ferris and Jordain Carney, Politico

‘This feels different’: Why advocates have real hope for gun reform after Buffalo, Uvalde shootings Amanda Lee Myers, USA Today

The Uvalde Massacre Should Have Been Stopped Long Before That Tragic Day Mark Follman, Mother Jones

Uvalde aftermath: In this policing era, what does leadership look like? Patrik Jonsson and Henry Gass, Christian Science Monitor

‘Hunted’: one in three people killed by US police were fleeing, data reveals Sam Levin, The Guardian

The Democrats Tried – and Failed – to Quickly Pass Police Funding Before Summer Vacation Grace Segers, New Republic

Black House Progressives Alarmed By Rush To Up Police Funding Daniel Marans, HuffPost

Editorial: Biden should know. Adding 100,000 more cops is the wrong approach Los Angeles Times

Easy Money: How Counties Are Funneling Covid Relief Funds Into New Jails Lauren Gill, The Nation

In the Criminal Justice System, Don’t Sacrifice Public Safety for Profit Ram Subramanian and Lauren-Brooke Eisen, Brennan Center for Justice

How Prison and Parole Can Pull You Into a Debt Trap Jimmy Iakovos, Filter Magazine

This man’s imprisonment shows why California’s ‘special circumstances’ rule must change, reformers say Anabel Sosa, Los Angeles Times

For wrongfully convicted Black men, exoneration can be just as traumatizing as prison Curtis Bunn, NBC News

Why Are People So Obsessed With True Crime Thrillers? Shubhanjana Das, Vice

‘Vengeance,’ ‘Only Murders in the Building’ and the rise of true crime podcast satires Daniel Arkin, NBC News

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