Your Guide to Local Elections Where Abortion Is on the Line This Year Daniel Nichanian, Bolts Magazine

In These 6 States, Abortion Rights Are Literally on the Ballot Amy Littlefield, The Nation

“Am I Going to Get Arrested if I Come to Illinois?” Hannah Docter-Loeb, Slate

How Criminalizing Abortion Is Causing a “Bewildering Patchwork” of Enforcement Jamiles Lartey, The Marshall Project

Could GOP States Really Stop Pregnant People From Traveling to Get Abortions? Elie Mystal, The Nation

For Thousands of Georgians, Freely Traveling Across State Lines for an Abortion Is Not an Option Piper French, Bolts

Hundreds of Thousands of Women on Parole Face Travel Bans for Seeking Abortion Care Dell Cameron, Gizmodo

End of Roe makes bad situation worse for incarcerated women Cheyanne M. Daniels, The Hill

‘Night of Terror’: Lawsuit Alleges Female Inmates Were Sexually Assaulted for Hours in Indiana Jail Emma Camp, Reason

Hundreds of Thousands of Incarcerated People Are in Danger Amid Scorching Heat Victoria Law, Truthout

Some Rikers Detainees Had No Air Conditioning During Heat Wave, Lawmakers Say Liz Donovan, City Limits

The Fatal Cost of Waiting for Reform in NYC Jails Elizabeth Glazer, The Crime Report

Solitary confinement persists at Rikers Island, just by different names Matt Katz, Gothamist

After Two Decades in Solitary, This Is His First Day Out Pete Quandt, New York Times

Freed From San Quentin and Facing Deportation, a Prison Activist Seeks Newsom Pardon Frances Madeson, Capital & Main

 Ardella’s House brings new form of dignity for formerly incarcerated women Cherri Gregg, WHYY

Hawaii has no girls in juvenile detention. Here’s how it got there. Claire Healy, Washington Post

Spotlighting the “unheard-of decline in Black incarceration” Sentencing Law & Policy

The Collected Works of the Zodiac Laura Miller, Slate

Banned Behind Bars Lawrence Bartley, The Marshall Project

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