What Will Come of the January 6th Committee’s Case Against Trump? Amy Davidson Sorkin, The New Yorker

Justice Dept. investigating Trump’s actions in Jan. 6 criminal probe Carol D. Leonnig, Devlin Barrett, Josh Dawsey, and Spencer S. Hsu, Washington Post

Will Trump or his allies face charges over Jan. 6? Legal experts explain hurdles DOJ faces Bart Jansen, USA Today

A MAGA Candidate Is Trying to Sabotage the Investigation Into His Alleged Crimes for Trump Norman L. Eisen, Patrick Longan, and Richard W. Painter, Slate

2020 Election Deniers Seek Out Powerful Allies: County Sheriffs Alexandra Berzon and Nick Corasaniti, New York Times

The Rise of the Anti-Lockdown Sheriffs (2020) Maurice Chammah, The Marshall Project

Biden’s “Safer America Plan” Involves Hiring 100,000 More Cops Alexander Lekhtman, Filter Magazine

House progressives balk at police funding bills Leigh Ann Caldwell and Theodoric Meyer, Washington Post

What Happened to Efforts to Reform Cash Bail? Mary Trimble, The Dispatch

Fines, fees used to fund criminal justice too often come from those disenfranchised by it Ram Subramanian and Lauren-Brooke Eisen, USA Today

Governor Hochul’s ‘Rolling’ Clemency Process Has Set Just One Person Free Victoria Law, Hell Gate

Can Detroit Bail Reform Settlement Become National Model? The Crime Report

Memo to Prosecutors: Visit Your Local Prison Mark Gonzalez, Stephanie Morales, and Miriam Aroni Krinsky, The Crime Report

Prison Personnel Describe Horrific Conditions, and Cover-Up, at Atlanta Prison Glenn Thrush, New York Times

Federal Prison Officials Knew of Misconduct, Corruption, and Abuse, Senate Investigation Finds Akela Lacy, The Intercept

Editorial: As inmates languish, Prince George’s County judges turn a blind eye Washington Post

A Forgotten ‘Central Park Five’ Defendant Was Just Exonerated After 31 Years Trone Dowd, Vice

For wrongfully convicted Black men, exoneration can be just as traumatizing as prison Curtis Bunn, NBC News

The HBO True Crime Series That Starts With an Exoneration – Then Gets Really Interesting Sam Adams, Slate

Why Does the Prison-Life Content on TikTok Feel So Familiar? Robin Kaiser-Schatzlein, New York Times Magazine

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