The Inescapable Conclusion From the January 6 Hearings Russell Berman, The Atlantic

In Harvard study of Jan. 6 rioters, top motivation is clear: Trump Ben Collins, Ryan J. Reilly, and Jacob Ward, NBC News

Trump’s choices escalated tensions and set US on path to Jan. 6, panel finds Rosalind S. Helderman, Washington Post

Trump Tried to Steal an Election. Will the Media Still Care in 2024? Alex Shephard, New Republic

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Your “We Are Headed Toward a Civil War” Friend Has a Point Will Van Sant, Slate

The extremist watchers: How a network of researchers is searching for the next hate-fueled attack Will Carless,

10 years after the Aurora theater shooting, how does Colorado remember? John Ingold, Colorado Sun

As Buffalo Supermarket Reopens, Memories of Massacre Haunt Workers Troy Closson, New York Times

New York Passed a Law Defining No-Guns Zones. Where Exactly? That’s Complicated. Greg B. Smith, The City

Critics say New York’s new gun law will fuel mass incarceration Peter Sterne, City & State New York

Long Sentences by the Numbers Council on Criminal Justice

Over Half of State Prisoners Serve Sentences of 10+ Years James Van Bramer, The Crime Report

What is life in Russian prison like for Brittney Griner? Writing letters, reading Dostoevsky Chris Bumbaca, USA Today

Finding Freedom Through the Power of the Page Abbey Dwight, Provincetown Independent

How Professor Maynard Burned Down Andrew Rice, New York Magazine

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