The Last Abortion Clinic in North Dakota Gets Ready to Leave Emily Witt, The New Yorker

Linda Coffee argued Roe v. Wade. Now, she’s watching its demise. Eleanor Klibanoff, Texas Tribune

Abortion Is (Again) a Criminal-Justice Issue Scott Henson, Texas Observer

How will illegal abortions be prosecuted? 1968 NYPD manual offers hints. Tom Sherman, Washington Post

Texas conservatives have a plan to get around DAs who won’t enforce abortion laws Becky Sullivan, NPR

Why Even Progressive Prosecutors Won’t Be Able to Keep Women Who Have Abortions Out of Jail John Pfaff, Slate

Prosecutors Can’t Stop Police From Investigating Abortions, Even if They Want To Carter Sherman, Vice

In a Post-Roe World, the Future of Digital Privacy Looks Even Grimmer Natasha Singer and Brian X. Chen, New York Times

Amazon gave Ring videos to police without owners’ permission Alfred Ng, Politico

NYC, Chicago Waste Millions on Gunshot Detection Technology, Report Says Fola Akinnibi, Bloomberg

Minneapolis Police Budget Expands Despite Calls to Reduce Funding KNSI

‘Are the police capable of changing?’: Data on racial profiling in California shows the problem is only getting worse Dustin Gardiner and Susie Neilson, San Francisco Chronicle

In New York, Yonkers Promises Police Reform. Can It Be Done? Kelly McEvers, Simone Weischelbaum, and Dan Girma, The Marshall Project

Where Is Phil Banks? Nia Prater, New York Magazine

NYPD Blasted For ‘Scapegoating’ Bail Reform Amid Crime Spike Matt Troutman, Patch

Detroit to reform cash bail system to end practices that jail people ‘too poor to purchase their freedom’ Coral Murphy Marcos, The Guardian

For Young Offenders, Restitution Debts Can Present Crippling Obstacles Erica L. Green, New York Times

Prison Labor Rights in Focus as 3rd Cir. Hears $5-a-Day Pay Case Robert Iafolla, Bloomberg Law

‘It’s inhumane’: how US prison work breaks bodies and minds for pennies Michael Sainato, The Guardian

Olayemi Olurin: ‘If We Can Abolish Slavery, the Prison System Is Not Untouchable’ Marc Steiner, The Real News

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