Where Is the National Outrage Over Uvalde? David A. Graham, The Atlantic

Inside a Uvalde Classroom: A Taunting Gunman and 78 Minutes of Terror Edgar Sandoval, New York Times

What new footage of the Uvalde shooting tells us about the police response Adrian Florido, NPR

In Publishing Leaked Video, Texas News Outlets Bring Uvalde Police Failures Into Sharp Focus Charlotte Klein, Vanity Fair

Critical Omissions Plague Texas Gun Background Check Law Jeremy Schwartz and Kiah Collier, ProPublica/Texas Tribune

The Supreme Court knocked back blue states on gun restrictions. They’re seeing how far they can step forward. Jeremy B. White and Katelyn Cordero, Politico

Can gun insurance mandates stem America’s torrent of firearm violence? Michael Hiltzik, Los Angeles Times

California Gun Measures Let Citizens Sue to Enforce Regulations Zusha Elinson and Christine Mai-Duc, Wall Street Journal

To Fight Gun Violence, Kids Need Places to Play Ras Stanford, The Appeal

Are ‘violence interrupters’ more effective than police in New York City? WINS

A closer look at disparities in NYPD’s homicide clearance rates: “It made me feel like they didn’t care” Ali Bauman, CBS News

Bill Bratton: Police Reform Needs to Come From Within William Bratton, The Atlantic

Officer, once beaten by colleagues, to lead Boston police Alanna Durkin Richer, AP

What Will It Take to Stop Inmate Jail Deaths? Stanley Richards, The Crime Report

Tech is trying to tackle one of the country’s biggest problems: mass incarceration Ali Fazal, Fortune

Now a free man, Myon Burrell to share story in documentary addressing “school to prison” pipeline Pauleen Le, CBS News

‘Girl in the Picture’ doc restores an identity lost to decades of horror Bethonie Butler, Washington Post

Where the Crawdads Sing Author Wanted for Questioning in Murder Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic

The Hunted (2010) Jeffrey Goldberg, The New Yorker

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