Aspirations Christine Henneberg, New York Review of Books

With Abortion Bans, a Bewildering New Reality for Courts and Law Enforcement Chris Geidner, Bolts Magazine

‘Police may be at your hospital bed’: an abortion rights activist on post-Roe criminalization Sam Levin, The Guardian

How Much Will the Abortion Police State Cost? Toby Jaffe, American Prospect

The Harshest Abortion Restrictions Are Yet to Come David S. Cohen, Greer Donley, and Rachel Rebouché, The Atlantic

Why Progressive Prosecutors Won’t Save Us in a Post-Roe World Madison Pauly, Mother Jones

London Breed replaces ousted DA Chesa Boudin with recall proponent Brooke Jenkins Jeremy B. White, Politico

San Francisco’s New DA Plans to Reverse Key Criminal Justice Reforms Samantha Michaels, Mother Jones

The irony of today’s tough-on-crime rhetoric Ana Zamora and David Safavian, The Hill

Nebraska’s Prison Overcrowding Emergency Now in Third Year Eric Galatas, Public News Service

Bureau Of Prisons Holding Inmates For Longer Than Law Allows Walter Pavlo, Forbes

This Is What Mental Health Care Looks Like in Prison Mia Armstrong, Slate

Addiction medication in Pennsylvania’s jails is often inadequate or nonexistent, new report finds Aubrey Whelan, Philadelphia Inquirer

The Psychological Impact of Wrongful Imprisonment Jeff Kukucka, Psychology Today

New initiatives aim to help the innocent fight wrongful convictions Dana DiFilippo, New Jersey Monitor

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