Who Stops a ‘Bad Guy With a Gun’? Larry Buchanan and Lauren Leatherby, New York Times

The Future of Gun Control Is in Danger Jay Michaelson, New York Magazine

Shooting in the Dark: Why Gun Reform Keeps Failing Reveal

Senate Breaks Decades-Long Impasse on Gun Safety New York Times

What’s in the Senate Gun Reform Bill Chip Brownlee and Tom Kutsch, The Trace

Why now? How four senators finally got a gun deal no one thought was possible Lauren Fox, CNN

Gun control takes 1 step forward in Congress, 2 steps back at SCOTUS Sam Baker, Axios

US Supreme Court overturns New York handgun law in bitter blow to gun-control push Ed Pilkington and Martin Pengelly, The Guardian

Clarence Thomas’ Maximalist Second Amendment Ruling Is a Nightmare for Gun Control Mark Joseph Stern, Slate

The Historical Cherry-Picking at the Heart of the Supreme Court’s Gun-Rights Expansion Isaac Chotiner, The New Yorker

The Supreme Court Strips Us of Miranda Warnings Elie Mystal, The Nation

Police Officers Can’t Be Sued for Miranda Violations, Supreme Court Rules Adam Liptak, New York Times

Alito’s Attack on Miranda Warnings Is Worse Than It Seems Mark Joseph Stern, Slate

Expected reversal of Miranda requires states to step up on policing Jorge Xavier Camacho, The Hill

A Black Tampa Cop Wanted To Change Policing From The Inside. He Says The “Good Old Boy System” Let Him Down. Kavitha Surana, BuzzFeed News

“Warrior Mindset” Persists Among Minneapolis Police After Training Reforms, Report Says Caleb Brennan, Bolts Magazine

Chicago police unveil long-awaited foot pursuit policy Don Babwin, AP News

The ‘clearances paradox’: could less policing actually reduce gun violence in New York? Chip Brownlee, The Guardian/The Trace

The Controversial Legal Strategy Behind the Indictment of Young Thug Charles Bethea, The New Yorker

Young Thug and rap lyrics on trial CBC News

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