What the January 6 Hearings Achieved Jeet Heer, The Nation

‘The system held, but barely’: Jan. 6 hearings highlight a handful of close calls Kyle Cheney and Nicholas Wu, Politico

The Jan. 6 Hearing Put a True-Crime Drama on Prime-Time TV James Poniewozik, New York Times

The Insurrectionist in the Flower Shop Olga Khazan, The Atlantic

It wasn’t just Proud Boys. Interconnected extremists converged on Jan. 6. Michael Jensen, Washington Post

Two January 6th Defendants and the Consolidation of Right-Wing Extremism Andrea Bernstein and Ilya Marritz, The New Yorker

Inside the Capitol Cops’ Jan. 6 Blame Game Nick Schwellenbach and Adam Zagorin, Rolling Stone

More reports cast doubt on police response to Uvalde school shooting CBS News

Uvalde officials are using a legal loophole to block the release of shooting records Emma Bowman, NPR

Head of State Police Calls Response to Uvalde Shooting an ‘Abject Failure’ J. David Goodman, New York Times

Uvalde school police chief “decided to place the lives of officers before the lives of children,” Texas DPS director says Zach Despart, Texas Tribune

Why More Police Funding Is No Route to Public Safety Brian Root, Human Rights Watch

Candidate Biden promised police reform. President Biden hasn’t delivered. Paul Butler, Washington Post

States can – and must – outdo Joe Biden on policing reform Sarah Anderson and Jillian Snider, The Hill

The State of Maine v. Parole Will Grunewald, Down East

Life After Prison: ‘I Came Home at the Right Time’ Habakkuk Nickens, The Crime Report

A Memoir of Prison Time, Delivered With a Note of Apology John J. Lennon, New York Magazine

A Time Line of My Arrest Dennard Dayle, The New Yorker

Ruth Wilson Gilmore Talks Abolition Geography and Liberation Lexi McMenamin, Teen Vogue

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