A Texas Teen-ager’s Abortion Odyssey Stephania Taladrid, The New Yorker

Beyond Revenge, What Does Jane’s Revenge Want? Judith Levine, The Intercept

The Anti-Abortion Movement Killed People. Now Victims’ Families Face A Post-Roe World. Christopher Mathias, HuffPost

Bracing for the End of Roe v. Wade, the White House Weighs Executive Actions Charlie Savage, New York Times

Criminal defense lawyers sound the alarm about mass incarceration if Roe falls Lauren Hodges, NPR

Incarcerated Women Need A Place In Your Roe Outrage Zahara Hill, HuffPost

Incarcerated LGBTQ+ Adults and Youth Emma Stammen and Nazgol Ghandnoosh, Sentencing Project

LGBTQ people are disproportionately incarcerated. Here’s why. Hugh Ryan, Washington Post

Why we didn’t celebrate Gay Pride Month in women’s prison Keri Blakinger, NBC News

AOC Praises Hawaii for Having Zero Girls in Prison for First Time Nick Mordowanec, Newsweek

Now Is The Time For Bail Reform In Hawaii Nicholas Chagnon and David T. Johnson, Honolulu Civil Beat

Study: NJ’s early prison releases to ease crowding during COVID didn’t raise public safety risks Karen Yi, Gothamist

As The Votes Roll In, It Suddenly Doesn’t Seem Like Californians Rejected Criminal Justice Reformers Jessica Schulberg, HuffPost

Oakland’s Sheriff Is Ousted After a Long Tenure Leading Deadly Jail Piper French, Bolts Magazine

‘An Unfiltered View’: Producers of ‘Police on Trial’ on What the Documentary Reveals 2 Years After the Murder of George Floyd Paula Moura, PBS Frontline

‘Civil: Ben Crump’ Review: What Becomes of a Missed Opportunity? Lisa Kennedy, New York Times

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