The Remaking of the Second Amendment Duncan Hosie and Reva Siegel, New York Review of Books

How the AR-15 Took Over America Ryan Busse, The Atlantic

Few States Seem Ready to Raise Age to Buy Semi-Automatic Rifles Matt Vasilogambros, Pew Stateline

Google Says It Bans Gun Ads. It Actually Makes Money From Them. Craig Silverman and Ruth Talbot, ProPublica

What It Took for a Country With a Strong Gun Culture to Give Them Up Aaron Timms, New York Times

State gun-control laws surge after high-profile mass shootings Kimberly Kindy, John D. Harden, Chris Alcantara, and Kevin Schaul, Washington Post

Toiling to Complete a Gun Bill, Two Parties Part Ways on Its Reach Annie Karni, New York Times

The Senate’s Gun Control Deal Falls Short. Here’s Why Activists Are Excited About It Anyway Kara Voght, Rolling Stone

What might have been without gun laws Richard Katz, The Union

Fact Check: Where There Armed Protesters at the Capitol on January 6? Tim Norton, Newsweek

‘Devastating piece of evidence’: Filing reveals a Proud Boys plan to storm buildings Jan. 6 Will Carless, USA Today

Will the Jan. 6 Hearings Change Anyone’s Mind? Stephen Engelberg, ProPublica

I Can’t Stop Thinking About the Thin Blue Line Flats in the January 6 Video Tim Murphy, Mother Jones

Editorial: Good cop, bad cop? Jan. 6 hearings remind us it’s more complicated Los Angeles Times

More Money to Police ‘Hate Crimes’ Won’t Stop Mass Shooters Nneka Ewulonu, The Appeal

Fuck The Police: Bail Reform Isn’t Leading To Increase In Crime, Despite Cops Saying Otherwise Tim Cushing, TechDirt

A Black Army vet spent 16 months in solitary. Then a jury heard the evidence against him. Sydney Trent, Washington Post

The Shooter in the Video Pam Kelley, The Assembly

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