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What the January 6th Hearings Are Really About John Cassidy, The New Yorker

Will Merrick Garland Defend Democracy? Mark Hosenball, New Republic

Can the January 6 Hearings Convince the One Person Who Matters Most? Elie Mystal, The Nation

The January 6 Committee Must Expose Trump’s Ties to White Supremacy Maya Wiley, New Republic

A Pizzagate in Every City Melissa Gira Grant, New Republic

Anti-Trans Campaigns Set the Stage for Far-Right Attacks on Pride Festivities Natasha Lennard, The Intercept

White Supremacists From Patriot Front Arrested Near Idaho Pride Event Alan Halaly, Daily Beast

Dozens of White Supremacists Arrested in Idaho Had Planned to Riot, Authorities Say Daniel Walters, New York Times

How Do We Stop White Supremacists From Killing People of Color? Sonali Kolhatkar, Yes! Magazine

The Bipartisan Gun Deal Represents Slow, Painful Progress John Cassidy, The New Yorker

How Bipartisan Gun-Control Talks Actually Succeeded Russell Berman, The Atlantic

‘A Start’: Gun Deal Stirs Hope but Also Frustration in Places Scarred by Shootings Luke Vander Ploeg, Edgar Sandoval, Rick Rojas, Ali Watkins, and Ashley Southall, New York Times

The creator of the FBI mass shooting protocol is ‘shocked’ by Uvalde police response Sacha Pfeiffer, Michael Levitt, and Courtney Dorning, NPR

Texas Police Want Uvalde Bodycam Footage Suppressed Because It Could Expose Law Enforcement ‘Weakness’ Jason Koebler, Vice

After Uvalde school shooting, Texas police wonder how much training is enough – and will it matter? Joshua Fechter, Texas Tribune

What Could Have Saved Oluwatoyin Salau? Clarissa Brooks, Harper’s Bazaar

Shielded From Public View, Misconduct by Corrections Staff in Illinois Prisons Received Scant Discipline Shannon Heffernan, WBEZ/ProPublica

Rikers Island Faces Pressure to End Death and Disorder Crisis Jan Ransom, Jonah E. Bromwich, and Anne Barnard, New York Times

New Bill Seeks to Model California Prison Reforms After Norway’s Success Nigel Duara, KQED

Art behind bars: a portrait of the California prison system Huck Magazine

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