Truth Was Never the Point Ronnell Andersen Jones and Lyrissa Lidsky, Slate

The Johnny Depp-Amber Heard Verdict Is Chilling Jessica Winter, The New Yorker

Depp Trial Exposes Risks to Media in Airing #MeToo Accusations Jeremy W. Peters, New York Times

What does the Heard-Depp verdict mean for the #MeToo movement? Victoria Bekiempis, The Guardian

Harvey Weinstein’s Last Campaign Ken Auletta, The New Yorker

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We’re Living Through the Backlash Noah Y. Kim, Mother Jones

San Francisco Voted In A Progressive District Attorney. Now He May Get Recalled. Sarah Ruiz-Grossman, HuffPost

Criminal justice reform on trial in San Francisco recall vote Francine Kiefer, Christian Science Monitor

The Limits of San Francisco Liberalism Ross Barkan, New York Magazine

A tough-on-crime DA doesn’t translate to lower crime rates Tim Redmond, 48hills

Editorial: NJ’s top cop and judge agree: Stop jailing people for minor fines Newark Star-Ledger

Ending ‘vicious cycle’ of debtors’ prison in Delaware: Bill would halt some court fees for defendants Cris Barrish, WHYY

Facing Life: the project showing the cracks in California’s incarceration system Pendarvis Harshaw, The Guardian

‘The Soundtrack of Your Mistakes In Stereo’: Documenting Every Detail of Life Behind Bars Keri Blakinger, Rolling Stone

A Harrowing Journey From Cornell to Addiction to Prison David Sheff, New York Times

‘The Wire’ at 20: ‘This Show Will Live Forever’ Jonathan Abrams, New York Times

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